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  1. Permissions seem fine. I'll try the PSoS method. Thanks all.
  2. Realized that I had an old version of the Base Elements plugin on my macOS FMS installation. Disabled the plugin in the Admin Console Removed the file from the Database Server > Extensions folder Put the new version in the folder Restarted the server The plugin is recognized in the Admin Console but it is disabled and I can't enable it. Any thoughts?
  3. Went to use the Diff Processor function for the first time today. Old version local on my machine, dev version on Server. Loaded both DDR's into the Processor window and got messages about "no matching Modified file" and "no matching Original file". Didn't find any documentation about the Diff Processor. The file names are different. Any suggestions?
  4. After a quick search, I couldn't find anything about MirrorSync and FileMaker Cloud. Is MirrorSync compatible with FM Cloud? Found it in the MS documentation, yes with an asterisk.
  5. Hi all, If anyone else is using Parallels 12 on a Mac this may be of use to file away somewhere. I run my development FM 15 Server in an OS X El Capitan Parallels environment. Host machine is OS X Server, VM is OS X. FileMaker Server runs on the VM. Generally works well for me. Upgraded to Parallels 12 when it came out a few weeks ago. Had to replace my backup drive as it wasn't big enough. The new drive is 4 tb, USB 3.0. The Host computer would see the drive but when I tried to attach it to the VM it would vanish - neither the VM or Host would see it, nor w
  6. I'm working on a cross-tab report using ExecuteSQL. I'd like to try to do it as a single eSQL statement but I'm not sure if its possible or not. I'm still a bit of an eSQL newbie. Background, the database manages work done in a condominium building. Each apartment in the building is identified by a floor and a location in the building; 1-9 for the floors and N, NE, SE, W for the location. For the report, the floor is on the vertical axis and location is the horizontal axis. Each cell in the report is a sum of apartments where the work has been completed. I have the first part of the
  7. Actually it isn't that vague. Sheju wants to import into multiple tables at the same time to build the related records. You can't do that in one step. Likely the easiest way to do this type of process is to create a table that is used just for importing. Bring the Excel file into that table. You then have to work your way through each record in this temporary table. You'll start with all of the "parent" data, go to the parent table, create a new record, record the primary key value and then set the fields as needed. The next step is to go to the child table(s) and create all of the record
  8. If the Computers table is the base table for the layout, a portal based on the Join table which contains fields from Users should do the trick.
  9. Yes I did. Thanks to Michael we got it up and running. A tweak to the DocuBin file and some of the SuperContainer settings was required. Thanks again Michael.
  10. Getting closer. Most of the plugins seem to install and I get to the main DocuBin browser window. Whenever I click on any of the Library items I get an error (see screen grab). In the FileMaker Pro prefs the Docubin Companion Plugin is inactive. Trying to activate it causes an error. Quit FM, manually removed the plugin from the extensions folder. Do not get prompted that the plugin needs to be installed.
  11. Will give it a shot. Thanks for the quick reply.
  12. I'm trying to get DocuBin up and running on my development FMS14 machine. I installed SuperContainer and it is running on the server in demo mode right now. I uploaded the DocuBin files to the server machine. When I open the DocuBin file I get an error that the DocuBin Companion plugin isn't installed. It tries to install but is disabled in the FileMaker Pro Preferences. When It try to enable it in the Prefs I get an error. Installing apps from anywhere is enabled. The Remote Scripter plugin is also not installed and isn't. Any suggestions?
  13. Wondering what the status of SuperContainer and DocuBin are for use with FileMaker 14? Been trying to get them configured on my dev FMS14 machine without a lot of luck yet.
  14. The file appears to be missing now. Hopefully the original author (or other user) will repost it.
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