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  1. Ignore my last post. I just realized are was using the wrong decode function...appologies
  2. Hi I have a webservice that returns a cv document or the cv text as base64. I have tried to run it through the scriptmaster base64 decode function but it does not return any readable text. I have attached the result i get from the webservice. Does anyone know what the problem is? Many Thanks xmlResult.txt
  3. Does anyone know if an interface file on filemaker go looking at a data file on a server that is using ess can see the data pulled from SQL using ess? So the data file is configured to use ess and then I have an interface file that will be used by filemaker GO as a front end.
  4. If your Filemaker suddenly stops working and you have exhausted all other possible causes. Try updating your Internet explorer or uninstall and reinstall your Internet explorer. I had a case where a faulty ieframe.DLL registry entry was causing filemaker to crash and doing above seemed to solve the issue.
  5. Hi Callto option may not work any longer as there are some legal issues with skype using it. I spoke to skype support and they said you can use this format (see below). It works for me but you need to make sure your are signed into your skype account already and you have to include the country code as part of the number. Just load this into your webviewer or use open URL. Hope this helps skype:$yournumber
  6. Hi Ok i managed to get around the issue by placing my new files in the sample folder and they now show up in console....so must have been an issue with the folder permissions even though they looked ok....thanks for your help.
  7. Hi Thanks...no all permissions and hosted database numbers are ok. There is however an error when i close the admin console that says "MMC has detected an error in a snap-in. It is recommended that you shut down and restart MMC"
  8. Hi Thanks for your reply...the new files have different names. The folder was duplicated but contents emptied and new files with different names inserted.
  9. Hi I have searched myself blue in the face looking for a post about this but unable to find anything. Can some point me to a previous post or if you know how i can solve this problem. I have FMS 8 running on an xp machine service pack 3. I have one folder ( HRS) that contains filemaker files and is shown in FMS 8 console fine. I have closed the files in console and duplicated the folder and renamed it ( newFiles) and placed some new files in this folder. I have gone to console and refreshed but this new folder does not show. I have restarted the machine and this also does not show
  10. Client machines can ping the server and IIS is active on the server as clients access the server through terminal services web connection. There is a fully qualified domain name. I can see the hosted files from across the internet using both the external IP and the domain name but the client machines can't. The IT guy has said that the client machines are separated from the server by a switch. I also have an jpg of the network setup which may be of some use but i am not sure how to get this image to you.
  11. I have a client running FMP 9 on windows 7 on a local network. All machines could see the server with the server appearing in local host. Now for some reason the server can not be seen with local host or favourite host....but on one machines you can open the hosted file using "open recent" but try the same on one of the other machines and it says the file could not be found. Windows firewall is off on the client machines with no other security software managing the firewall. I have replaced the server.pem file and this to yielded no result. I can see the hosted file from out side their l
  12. Many Thanks guys...turning the hardware acceleration down worked
  13. This is a strange one. I have a client who when they click into a field the data looks like it disappears...when you come out of the field the data reappears......this also happens in find mode, when you click into a field and start typing the search criteria you cannot see the text entered until you exit the field. There is no script trigger or conditional formatting on the field. It happens to any field on the screen. Client is using FMP 11 on an XP service pack 3 machine. It looks like it only happens on this machine as when testing from another machine there is no problem....does anyone kn
  14. Hi Thanks again....Ok I have used WASetRequestHeader and WASetRawPostData and got a result of 1 which is fine. I am not sure what url I am supposed to use. I am supposed to receive a token if authentication passes. According to documentation i am working with these are the headers. POST /webserviceauthenticator.asmx HTTP/1.1 Host: webservices.seek.com.au Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8 Content-Length: length SOAPAction: "http://webservices.seek.com.au/AuthenticateWS" Here is my calc. It returns 1 but how do i see the actual response? WAReset and WASetRequ
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