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  1. I'm using v1 of the Email plugin and have a script working on the client side. Email sends without a problem. But when I flip it over to the server I'm getting a connection error. It won't connect to my SMTP host. The exact same script is failing on the server. Any ideas why? I'm using Server 13 on OS X 10.9.3. Thanks! jared
  2. Hi Richard, I created a test file and it seems to work for me. Check it out and see if it solves your issue. jared scrape test.fmp12.zip
  3. I'm writing an email script, and it's working great with plain text, but won't work at all when trying to send HTML as part of a MimeBodyPart. Everything seems to be wired up properly and I'm new to Groovy. Any ideas? I've put my whole script up here: https://gist.github.com/jsorge/9242032. Right now it's returning in the middle where the error is happening, but obviously that's only there for debugging. Thanks for any help! jared
  4. Hello, I'm trying to POST a file from a container using the PostDataToURL function. It looks like it just POSTs only strings. Is there a way to specify a type of data being posted? Thanks! jared
  5. Hi Dennis, I know this question is from many years ago but I'm trying to do the same thing with no luck so far. Were you able to get Scriptmaster to do the job? Thanks! jared
  6. I'm trying to use CustomList to cycle through parameters declared in the let statement that the function is embedded in, but it looks like it won't accept parameters passed into it. Here's a very simple look into what I'm trying: Let ( [ _number = 1 ] ; CustomList ( 1 ; 10 ; "_number * [n]" ) ) The error that comes back says that the field reference doesn't exist. Error 102. Is there a way around this? If so, it would be amazingly powerful. Thanks! jared
  7. Hey all, I'm running a Mac Pro with Snow Leopard and FileMaker Server 12, with clients connecting both via the FileMaker network and through PHP on the web. I keep having errors where the web publishing engine shuts down and won't start back up. Does anyone have an idea of where to look to fix this problem? Thanks! jared
  8. Hey everyone- I'm trying to figure out this whole web parsing thing and playing around with a sample database for Pearl Jam lyrics. I've got a field up that I type the song name and my web viewer goes to this page "http://www.pearljam.com/flat/songs/songFeed" & Pearl Jam Lyrics::Song Name & ".js". It spits out an address like this: http://www.pearljam.com/flat/songs/songFeedAnimal.js When I go to the page in the web viewer or Safari, it just looks like normal text. I can manually copy and paste out of it, but can't script it or parse it. What am I doing wrong? I'm using the GetLayout
  9. The plug-in I need is the MacExample that came with FileMaker 8.5 Advanced. It should be the Universal version. if anyone has that and can give it to me I would be soooooo grateful. Thanks! jared
  10. I'm having that same problem too. Are you both on Intel Macs? My coworker is able to use the plugins fine on his PPC Mac, but my MacBook won't see them. Do they need to be recompiled as Universal Binaries?
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