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  1. Comment, How can that be done, every time I attempt to remove the Admin account in a standard solution it tells me that there has to be one Admin account. Jim
  2. Yes, it was just that my point was the only secure solution you can distribute is a Runtime, all others can be cracked. I will have to find the link, but bcooney (who posts here) provided me with her update solution for Runtimes which has worked out great for the Runtime solutions we push out. Jim
  3. However...(and some with more knowledge that I can chime in), if your solution has an active Admin account there are several "Crackers" on the market that can let someone gain access to your solution. I purchased one just see how easy it would be to gain access to the admin account of a project I had started. It was basically as easy as entering a new Admin password in a box and press an open button (I think they may do some damage the file, but you can get in). I think the only truly safe application is a Runtime with the Admin completely removed. That is why I use nothing but
  4. Since this question either can't be answered or I may have made someone mad... Can a MOD pull this down so it is not just taking up space and people will not waste time clicking on it. Thanks, Jim
  5. Hi, I have an email script to email an image of a vehicle. Everything works fine, but it stores a copy of the file in the folder the DB is located in, which could fill up quickly. Is there a way to have a global container that can store the image each time one is mailed and be overwritten each time? Below is what I currently use The name of the variable is:$_document_temp Let( [ file_name =Vehicles::Image_1; full_path = $$_document_path & file_name ]; full_path ) Thanks, Jim
  6. We had a user with something similar (Windows User), I had to have them change their video refresh rate and the hardware acceleration until we found its Happy Place, then all was well. Hope this may be of some help. Jim
  7. Totes

    Photo Lineup

    Jerry & Fitch, Thanks for the reply! Jerry, I'm not sure what the heck I was doing. I followed your example and everything is rolling along just fine. Thanks again! Jim
  8. Totes

    Photo Lineup

    Hello, Started working on a new project, an eight photo, photo lineup and I need help. I have a contact db which will store data about people as well as a photo. I also have a layout with Global Containers (8 total for the photos I select from the contact db). What I want to do is attach a button to the photo on the contact db that will place the photo in the first Global Container if it is empty. If the first container is Not Empty then the selected photo will be placed in Global Container #2...if #2 is not empty then #3 etc. I have tried to use If Not IsEmpty in th
  9. A new patch which will fix the Runtime installation issue with FMA 11 for Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable libraries has been released: Link Jim
  10. Z, What installer are you using to install the Visual along with the Runtime? Also, are there not two Visuals 32b and 64b, how does the installer know which one to install to the users machine. Thanks, Jim
  11. Thanks for the information. Question: are you going to use 11 to make your Runtimes, or will you switch back to 10 to avoid making your customers install more software? Jim
  12. I still consider myself a newbie at FM so: What was the logic behind that change. Looks like to me you now will have to take on the role of computer tech for your customers should something happen with the install of the Visual SP, and of course it will be your fault. I only have about 10 runtimes of our K9 program out to other agencies and was hoping to increase that number this year, but not if I have to fix issues with any glitched Visual updates. Jim
  13. We jumped and purchased FMA 11 and then found that runtimes will not work. All computers (no Mac's) give the following error:"The application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem." Then I found a post that requires the user to install Visual C++ 2008sp1 Is this new, or did I mess something up along the way? Jim
  14. Thanks, stuff I had not even thought of!!
  15. How do I go about forcing users to use a drop-down list instead of typing in the field? I have a drop-down with six different K9 breeds and of course spelling is important because of some of the searches I have scripted (and of course I have people who get happy fingers and type too fast and misspell). I do not want to use a script trigger. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jim
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