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  1. > capsprojectos Please send this here : http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/715ef37320 This os the thread FM Inc monitors for those speed issues
  2. So why FMI didn't create such numeric ones ? to make FMP slower once more ? How do you make such a conversion ? Thanks for this very interesting Post !
  3. There's no problem converting 11 to 12, aside the problem that 12 is slow as hell no matte what, and buggy, so you should stay at 11 untill FMP12 v2 perhaps or wait 13. as for files, I'll continue to have seperate files, but work in one only : one big file on which you put all the other files as reference (so you'll buil the relationship in that file), so you'll have the est of the 2 worlds, one code for all, but less risk of data corruption
  4. No it will be slower, and terribly slower if you use List View and Table views. Plus, Filemaker IS NOT 64 bit, only Filemaker Server is 64bit. My script, like yours, are 10% to 20% slower (aside from list view which is unusable). Server is faster, but client is so slower that it doesn't matter aside from specific things like: - Containers, - Valuelist - Perharps find But you can donwload the trial and see for yourself
  5. The refresh script step here is the most simple one, not flushing any caches. It is mandatory otherwise FileMaker will not redraw, and hence it won't simulate user browsing. But actually FMP12 Refresh is slower than FMP's 11 (one more thing amongst many things that are slower in 12), but it's slowness only account a little vs the Redrawing flow down as you can see it with true manual scrolling !
  6. Steven, 1. Manual scrolling means looking at each record, so that involves clicking in the bottom of the scroll bar again and again till you reach the end, as a user would to to scan each records. So that involves many click. It's not drag an dropping the screen bar from top to bottom, so if you're not clicking at least 30 times (many more I think that's why I scripted it !) you're not testing the list redrawing as you only force the final screen to redraw. 2. Optimizing the script by freezing the display makes no sense at all, the script is the way it is to simulate what a user wou
  7. Steven, Please take a look at that file, both the scripted test, an do some manual scrolling with the different layouts, and tell us your experience, so we can have common ground. https://rapidshare.com/files/829418137/bench.zip
  8. Pre-release is slower than Final on certain things (looping in memory was 20% slower), but as far as scrolling speed the release version as also the issue By the way, Bruce Robertson nailed the issue : the layout description is huge, layouts can gets 3.75x bigger. So this is a design issue, it won't be fixed soon on tech net https://fmdev.filemaker.com/message/76896#76896 And that confirm me deepest fear, we're screwed for a long time. Unless they didn't do the obvious optimizations of storing this in binary format, and compress it, they won't have much room to improve the situa
  9. Hi Steven, FM Inc acknowledged it, i sor it's real, t occurs on mac and on windows. Me I'm on mac 2.6 corei7 April 2010 15" MacBook Pro 10.7.3 There's a file to download in the link
  10. @Littlebrookie : it doesn't just appear slower, it is, a lot. Even with a completely flat file with all field indexed In fact, almost everything is slower in FMP 12, Filemaker 12 is just slower across the board (like 10/20%) but for list / table vie is much worse 300 to 500% slower. Please, go to the link I posted and voice your concern, we can't let that happen. List vew was already slow (unstored field etc), and needed a speed boost already, not a terrible regression. Please don't be quiet, voice it there : http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/715ef37320
  11. Hi, Take a look at this, list view and table view became so slow that upgrading to FMP 12 is simply out of the question for me http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/715ef37320
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