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  1. Hello, relative newbie here is it possible to set the priveleges to allow access to a data base but only enter data not alter other data already in there thanks basically what i am looking for is customer accesses the data base via password can view all the existing data but can only enter his data in field not already in use jacky
  2. Hello,I Have just figured out how to access the records bit jacky
  3. Hello JB2, Thank you for the reply. The system is mainly aimed at the transportation/courier business. customers (many) will enter their company details etc on a seperate data base then with only an ID code identifying them enter there consignment details on the main consignment data base which will be availble to all with alterations not being allowed. The obvious problem here is in allowing the company to list its details on an restricted access d/base jacky
  4. Hello, thank you for your reply. I believe I may have bitten of a bit more than I can chew here being a newbie tho im not computer illiterate. The version of filemaker im using is the 30 day trial period one. On entering accounts and priveleges I cannot see any offer to customise anything it only lists the default + one I have named cust.priveleges are only the default ones and extended priveleges list 6 options mainly related to web or networking no custom option appears. The accounts in the working version if I ever get there, will number around 400 and I am assuming I will be abl
  5. Hello, im new to filemaker. i can create the data bases i require ok but need a bit of push in right direction to accomplish the following: customer enters his data in his own data base(contains data regarding deliveries required etc )which only he can see and alter ,this is then to be transferred to a main d/b which is to be availble for all to see but in no way alter the data, i know this may be complex but some pointing in right direction would be appreciated thank you
  6. Hello I know after i had sent I went back and looked at it again only thing I can think of is I perhaps had the system initially set to look in the join table or something Many thanks for you help ..its good to know I can get assistance as I attempt to get the D/B to operate. I sometimes feel as if i,ve bittten off a bit more than i,m able to handle this will ultimately be a full blown business D/B for a company with 35 employees, 470+ customers, 2300 different parts and so on. jacky
  7. resent hope this has alteration in it joinprint2.fp7.zip
  8. ah just checked the revised sample i sent you portal i added isnt there. dont know why ill try again
  9. hello i have altered your example as i have done in mine this may let you see where im going wrong jacky 1155142445-joinprint.fp7.zip
  10. Thanks I will look at that shortly. One of my main concerns was related to the initial bringing in of records that had in earlier testing been deletd but thes actually showed up and im reasonably sure i did nothing else to any setting that one i had deleted thes via the small one line at a time scipt nothing else appeared
  11. Hello.I,m very new to this and on my 1st d/b. I am trying to bring in to a portal situated in the main screen from an invoice table the invoice number and obviosly the customer name i have created a relationship ---customer situated in main screen and customers in the invoice table. Now comes the problem bit initially it seemed to work and brought in invoice numbers but they were all related to numbers long since deleted . I deleted all these via a short script but end result is that nothing now is brought in I have tried various combinations i.e invoice number to invoice nu
  12. Hello i,m new to filemaker. Have my 1st d/b working ok but cannot find how to print only selected group of sequencial records from a listed tabulated page. i.e listed page may show all records from 1 to 60 and i may only require 20- 40 to be printed as a group thanks jacky
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