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  1. Putting the button in the portal works very well, but I'm not sure I've figured out how to save the field information as a script variable. I can manage pasting the entire record, just not one field. Thank you for your explanation. I really appreciate your advice.
  2. Thanks Lee, I think I'll just save as a spreadsheet for those less fortunate FMP5 users.
  3. I have a portal in one table showing address information. I would like to click on the record in the portal and then click on a button that would be scripted to take that information and put it into the correct field of a current record in another table. Can anyone help me with this? I am not sure what that script would look like.
  4. Does anyone know of a way to save a FMP 7 file to something that FMP 5 would be able to read? I apologize for the idiocy of this question, but I hav e to try.
  5. Thank you SixFriedRice, I'm not sure what the difficulty was, but I went ahead and exported the data to a new table. The data existed and then from that table, I imported it into my new table and it worked fine. But before i did the final import, I tried again to import from the original directly and something wasn't working. The fields looked empty. I solved it, thanks to you, but still not sure what happened originally. I appreciate it.
  6. I have been working on this and still getting no where. There only seems to be data in the certain layouts when I go into Field/Control. Is there a way to copy the data into a new field completely so that the field is no longer "lookup" data?
  7. Thank you all, I managed to make the calculation work using my original formula. Ironically, the calculation wasn't reading in some of the layouts, but in others it was fine.
  8. yes, the records match, and I have been able to import other data. Somehow this piece isnt' working well, though. And the source table does contain data, but it is all lookup values from other lookup values.
  9. Thank you for asking, and being so quick! ml Entry is a number, usually a small decimal. There are three other fields involved: ml Calculation, oz Entry and oz Calculation. I cannot get either the oz or ml Calculations to work. The user needs to only enter one number into either the ml entry or the oz entry to have the other fields fill in.
  10. I'm not sure what I'm missing in my import, but I am struggling to import address information from one FMP file to another. In the old file, the address is a lookup field which references another table, (not in the same file). I am trying to import this data into the new file. Is it not possible to import data from a lookup field? If not, can I create a field in the old database that will copy this data into a permanent field and then export it into the other database? I get a message that the import has occurred, and I have matched the tables based on primary keys, but no
  11. I've been stuck on this calculation for a while. I need to enter into one field the oz of an item, (the number of ounces). In a second field, I would like it to automatically calculate how many milliliters that item is. I have the actual numeric calc, but I cannot get it to work in the table. For the "ml calculation" field. . . I have put in: (oz Entry * 29.57352957) + ml Entry. I have also changed the Calulation to numeric. Any suggestions? Thanks. . . ;)
  12. Maybe I dont' really understand what a global is then. . .but if I can do this process with a Table occurence in my source file, then that would be great. . .However, I don't know how to make that work. And no, I'm not overwriting any of the company codes. . . this is all happening when I'm entering new data into the target table, MaterChange1.
  13. The tables are in different files, the fields are on different layouts and yes, there are records in Table B. I am using a "company code" field for my relationship, so text, which matches both tables. I am not getting an error message, I'm just not getting the completed script. I have posted my script below. Note: Companychange and MaterChange1 are the names of the databases. I'm not sure why Mater1 is a different name at this point, but it is the same as MaterChange1. Copy [select; COMPANYchange::Company Code] Open File ["MATER1"] Paste [select; MATERChange1::Company Code]
  14. I am using FP7 and I am new to writing scripts, please bear with me as I try to verbalize my question. I would like to create in one table, Table A, a button next to each record that would run a script to paste that record's data, from one field, into a field in another separate table, Table B. I have set up a relationship to match the two tables and fields, and I have tried creating a simple copy and paste script in Table A, but it isn't working. What part am I missing?
  15. Great, file:FileName seems to work. However, there are a few copies of the files I am referencing (leftover) in my documents. . . I would like to consider deleting them and just relying on one. Do you see any reason why I shouldn't delete old copies? And I am not sure what you mean by converted solutions?
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