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  1. I'm completely baffled by this. The attached file contains two tables (Parent and Child). Parent has three fields, Parent::Serial, Parent::DefiningProducts, and Parent::DefiningResources. Child also has three fields, Child::Serial, Child::Products, and Child::Resources. The relationship is a simple one: Parent::DefiningResources = Child::Resources AND Parent::DefiningProducts = Child::Products. If you look at the portals, you will find that the relationship does not seem to be matching the expected records. In particular: the Parent record with serial 287 is correctly matching
  2. I have done some digging, using a new field that calculates GetAsText(container), and have figured out some more information. Some background: The images were all inserted by copying portions of a PDF document (open in another application, e.g. Preview or Acrobat Reader) and pasting into the container field. Several different users were doing this, and apparently they did not all follow exactly the same procedures: (1) Some users used a screen grab tool to select a portion of the document, then pasted into the container field. In this case GetAsText(container) shows "Untitled.png"
  3. I have been away from the forums for a very long time and I apologize if this is a FAQ, but I haven't been able to find any info on it. I have a container field on a layout that stores graphics (embedded, not file references). When I view some records (but only some records) in FM Go, the wrong image appears in the container field; it displays the data from another record. The image displayed is, consistently the same image, almost as if it were a Global field, but it is not (as evidenced by the fact that not all records behave this way). It does not seem to matter what layout I use, as
  4. Just to be clear: The OP did not say he was using a file share. He said he was in a "shared file environment", which I think is a perfectly reasonable (if perhaps ambiguous) way of describing a situation in which Filemaker is sharing a file.
  5. I'm sorry to stubbornly disagree with people much more experienced than I, but I think the question is still being misunderstood, and I believe the answer being given is wrong. Look, consider this (hypothetical) situation: I have a desktop computer in my office. On it is a copy of FMP (not FMS). On the hard drive of that computer there is a database ("Database Alpha") that is currently open. Filemaker sharing (not folder sharing or any OS-level sharing) is turned on. I access that database from my laptop using "Open Remote". My colleague down the hall from me has a similar setu
  6. I'm still not sure. If my copy of FM Pro has an open database, and FM Network sharing is turned on, and other users can connect to my file, couldn't you call that a "shared file" environment? I think we need the OP to clarify.
  7. I may have misunderstood the OP, but I think he is talking about "sharing" using the built-in FM Network sharing, not OS-level sharing. This should not corrupt the file, as FM is written to provide this functionality natively. Deploying FM Server is expensive, and for many purposes is way overkill!
  8. Just to be clear, do you want to host clips only, or is BrightCove going to host full-length videos as well? Either way, seems like a web viewer would do the trick neatly.
  9. An easier (I think) method is: (1) Open the CSV file in Excel. (2) Select rows 1-3 (that is, all of the data). (3) Select Edit > Copy. (4) Click in the 1st cell of row 4. (5) Select Edit > Paste Special... and select the option Transpose. (6) Delete rows 1-3. (7) Save the Excel spreadsheet and import it into Filemaker. To automate the process, use a Visual Basic macro or an Applescript (depending on platform). (Edited to add: Oh, I see you were already aware you could do this in Excel. Sorry I missed that in the original post. I think the thing to do
  10. Ron, I am local (recent Ph.D. from the UM School of Ed, still living in Ann Arbor) and have a fair amount of experience developing databases (although not, of course, as much as comment and Fenton). I can probably come by and help you in person. If you're interested message me directly.
  11. Might be it's related to this bug: http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/214292/
  12. Looks like it's documented here for the last version: http://www.fmforums.com/forum/printpost.php?tid/198157/ and here for the newer version: http://forum-en.filemaker.com/t5/Using-FileMaker-Pro/Is-FM11-incompatible-with-FM10-Server/m-p/59732#M46682 Seems kind of weird that this wouldn't be fixed, doesn't it?
  13. Hey all. Just got my hands, finally, on FMPA11. First time I tried to connect to a remotely-hosted file, I got the dreaded "The file <> could not be opened. Either the host is not available, or the file is not available on that host." Just to double-check, I tried again using FMPA10. Worked fine. Also under FMPA9. So it's clearly an issue with my new install, not with the host computer. I seem to recall vaguely having a similar issue back when FMPA10 came out -- something about a bug in the installer -- for which the workaround was to temporarily change my computer's date
  14. Don't have FMP 11. That's why I asked if anybody else had tried it. But I can't see why it wouldn't work -- it seems like a pretty straightforward idea. I'm thinking to "open" the saved found set you would need to export the contents of the container field (i.e. the stored snapshot link) into your temp directory, with "automatically open file" checked -- and that would restore the saved found set. (What, if anything, would it do to already open windows, though? Hmmm.)
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