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  1. Making the page to HTTPS is a matter of IIS. Install an SSL certificate into IIS and you can start using https://site/fmi/iwp etc
  2. I initiate an HTTP handshake to http://site.com/fmi/config every 10 seconds looking for the following respond: HTTP/1.0 200 OK It's the same as a web visitor coming to the login page except this doesn't request for the whole page to be downloaded, I only seek for the HTTP response message, what I notice is when WPE goes down, it's basically TomCat Server going down and no web pages would be serve and this would be a good indicator that WPE has bummed out if there is no respond for over a minute, it sends a system request to restart the service, for now, for the tool to be able t
  3. Today with little to do at work, I created a Java application that monitors the WPE/WPC service and if they don't respond after certain amount of time, I would kill the service and restart it Does the WPE/WPC needs such a monitoring as I see on the board there are issues of freezing up with this service? I'm thinking of adding to monitor the FMS itself now. What does everyone think is a good thing to monitor ? I'm going to leave monitoring IIS as I think it's pretty rock solid webserver and plus there are tools out there that monitors IIS already. I want to make a specific set of moni
  4. Thanks, after speaking to FM Tech, I was able to have that clear up. You are correct. What I do need to do is install the Web Publishing CD onto all my webservers and login to the web publishing admin console to redirect on each of those webservers to reconfigure the WPE to point to one main WPE box that connects to the FM server. In a way, it's really like this and it's working good. I'm sure I didn't need to install the whole WPE CD on each webserver, but I did. | IIS / WPE | | IIS / WPE Usr-->NLB->| ---&
  5. ... I thought FMSA is just a client that can be install anywhere and as many times as you want to remotely administer the FMS I don't need to replicate my databases ... we have one dedicated box for the database ... Ideally i like my web farm like this but how do i do it | IIS -- | | | IIS --- Usr-->NLB->| | --> WPE --> |FileMaker Server | | IIS --- / | |/ | IIS --/ Rigth now it is like this | IIS / WPE | | IIS / WPE
  6. Instead of the default, http://mysite.com/fmi/iwp/res/iwp_auth.html anyway that I can make it into: http://mysite.com//iwp_auth.html w/out having to use frames or or scripting to hide the URL
  7. How do i go about having a bunch of web servers IIS connected to my single filemaker server adv. box ? I tried installing the Web Publishing Engine tool on each of my web server and configured WPE to point to my FMS but I get an error saying my FMS is licensed for only 1 WPE connection. Is there a way around this other then to purchase additional licenses?? Basically I have a distributed web farm and 1 FMS Adv. 8 that I want all web servers to be able to connect and serve data.
  8. I found that too through my googling research. Though the problem with that solution is the cost of it. $1k/license for each server. It's going to cost altogether $2,500+. My temporary solution was for any INSERT or UPDATE of any records, it would have to be done via my own web form and using ODBC, i can create connections to 2 db. All editing of records would have to be done via my web forms/php scripts but doing this would create a tremendous amount of maintainence and development work
  9. I have 2 Webservers running IIS I have 2 FileMaker Server Advanced I want the ability to have high availability where if one server completely dies, the other one takes over. My big concern now is on the database replication. I want to have identical and always up to date by the minutes database on both FileMaker Server. Apparently there is no replication process per se with filemaker and after having spoken to tech support, they suggested that I create a script to commit a record on every Insert / or UPDATE to both databases. How do I go about doing that exactly? He said to lin
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