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  1. Found the answer from FileMaker. Safari on iPadOS is defaulted to ‘Request Desktop Website’ and FM does not handle this well. The workaround is changing the preference for Safari to ‘Request Mobile Website’ for any web direct websites. https://community.filemaker.com/en/s/feed/0D50H00007F6IbjSAF
  2. Using web direct on iPad for the 1st time with iPadOS and pretty much a nightmare of constant screen redraws. Can anyone confirm they’re seeing similar issues? Can’t use Go as need Base Elements. Any techniques to limit screen redraw on Web Direct? iPadOS draws editing tools at the bottom of screen when the user is editing a field. I’m theorizing Web Direct is dealing with this extremely poorly.
  3. I would love to use this tip but can’t find the settings referred to here. Does this still work with Server 10? If so where exactly are these settings? Thanks
  4. I also have questions about Address book integration. Can you do Bento style integration? Is there a more helpful / more useful FileMaker forum?
  5. I just uninstalled and re-installed FileMaker Server 9.0v3. When I check PHP version in terminal it says the following: PHP 4.4.7 (cli) (built: Jul 10 2007 13:05:18) Copyright © 1997-2007 The PHP Group Zend Engine v1.3.0, Copyright © 1998-2004 Zend Technologies In the initial deployment I was asked if I wanted FM to install PHP 5.2. How do I get FM to properly install PHP 5.2?
  6. Just installed FMS 9, (previously had from FMS 8). I am trying to access FMServer_Sample.fp7 in Safari 3.0.4. via the PHP test from the FileMaker Server 9 Technology Tests. I am getting the following error: Safari can’t open the page. Safari could not open the page “http://192.168.X.X/fmi-test/phptest.php?lang=en&server=.local” because the server stopped responding I am trying to access from a local machine. On the XServe that hosts the FMS 9 databases, Web services show as being enabled. In the FileMaker PHP Site Assistant I also get the error, "Connection failed. Please
  7. Upgraded client from 9.0v1 to 9.0v2 and while using a db got an error message that a script was missing then a message that the db was damaged. Sounds similar to an issue 9.0v2 lists as having been fixed "1.2.3. The database consistency check initiated on launch will no longer incorrectly report that a database is damaged for some databases that can be opened and used without any problems.". I've never had any error messages with this db prior to 9.0v2 in 3 years from FMP 7 to 8 to 8.5 to 9.0v1 until 9.0v2. Relaunched the db and everything works/looks fine. Anyone else see
  8. I host my company's database on FMP Server 8 and just upgraded all the clients to Filemaker Pro 9 and 9 Advanced. I did not upgrade the server. I haven't seen any issues. YMMV What is Filemaker's take on this?
  9. Ok, so the server-side scripts can only be scheduled, not triggered AND must be on the web compatibility list. Sounds like this is not the solution for me. I wonder if there is a good plug-in for this or what the best solution is? Thanks
  10. I am looking for more details on the 'Server-side scripts' in FMP 9 Server/Server Advanced. Can they be triggered or only scheduled? I'd like to trigger a script to run on the server from a small FMP file offsite or via the internet. I can run the script remotely, from 8.5 client. But a script that takes 5 minutes to run onsite takes about 45 minutes to run offsite. I'd like to trigger it offsite to run onsite, on the server. Can this be done with FMP 9 Server's 'Server-side scripts'? Can someone clue me in or point me to the documentation? I am currently using Se
  11. I don't have access any Filemaker databases using Instant Web Publication. Do you have a link to any examples so I can see for myself?
  12. Now that Apple has stated Safari will be the vehicle for iPhone web applications. What does this mean for FileMaker Pro? Will I be able to access my office database LIVE from my iPhone internet connection? And how many hours will I need to pay my developer to build the functionality in to my database? Ouch. What does Safari on the iPhone really mean for FileMaker Pro web integration?
  13. Tyrant, A not sure about the rest of these, but... On Windows I've seen this ever since FMP 7.0 which is when I started using FMP. On the Mac side it's a lot harder to tell what row is highlighted, but at least you can read the selected text. Have you tried a different highlight color?
  14. xochi, It's just set to the default 8MB. What would you recommend?
  15. Yes, the sort used to take 3-4 seconds. Now it takes about 1-2 seconds longer and I now see a layout during the sort while Filemaker is "thinking about it" or performing the sort. It shows the field with the date range then populates the data. If I run this in 8.0v3 it is quicker and I never see a layout which is blank except for a field with the date range in the middle of the sort. Yes, please note "novice". Let me elaborate. A few years ago I hired a developer to write a database for my business. And I am now working with an additional developer. As I become more comfortable wi
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