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  1. I was wondering if anyone has any idea how I might be able to create a user account management form. The idea is that I want to create a form for a supervisor to use to add/delete user accounts. I know I can use the built in script steps to create/delete/enable/disable accounts, but is there a way to get a list of all the users accounts?
  2. Hmm the merge feild shows promise, but I am wondering if there is a way to print text fields of arbitrary length. With this method I am still forced to create a large layout and also create a separate one for printing... This seems to be kind of silly. Especially because I need to have three large fields directly above one another (see attached for an example) Could a subsummary or summary of some kind be used to achieve this?
  3. a "merge field" huh... Do tell... What is this "merge field" you speak of?
  4. I am building a test management system for our company laboratory. This is my first project using FileMaker ( I took over this account from my predecessor whom much like my self was more familiar with traditional programming techniques. I have created the following form to allow them to enter data into the database, but I am not sure how to properly print it. As you can see from the screen shot the text in the text field extends beyond the visible area. Is there a nice way to print this? At some point I will also need to be able to print an entire document containing the "Description" "Procedure" and "Conclusion" fields. I am aware that I will need to create a new layout for this. However I will still have the problem of there being more text in the field than is visible. Any help?
  5. Yeah, I got it figured out now... Thanks!
  6. I am currently working on a new project with filemaker, and I need some help. I need to have the ability to store n files for one record. In other words I need to be able to have: Record #1: 3 related files Record #2: 1 related files Record #3: 7 related files Record #4: 4 related files Record #5: 1 related file I have set up two tables: And what I would like to do is set up a layout with a "drop box" of sorts for files. Essentially a container field that clears itself and moves the files into the data_files table, which will then be displayed in a portal as a list of files.
  7. Do I not need to go to a field to make the loop work? If I don't need to then I'll just take that step out. I'm still really new to FileMaker, even though I've been using it for the last 6 months... Thanks, --Dawn Edit: Just tried taking out the Go to Field, and it works! Thank you!
  8. I'm using a loop method to locate records. The variable holds the record id of the record from the previous table, so that when you go back, it will take you to the same record you left from. Go to Field[ComponentRegistry::ComponentID] Loop Exit Loop If[ComponentRegistry::ComponentID=$$AssemblyID] Go to Record/Request/Page[Next;Exit after last] End Loop But I don't like how the cursor is left in the ComponentID field. Is there a way to get rid of the cursor? I.e. have the cursor in no fields when the script is finished? I'm not seeing anything in any of the script steps. Thanks, --Dawn
  9. Have you taken a look at the example I posted for you? I've got a different layout for each "type", which has different fields displayed. When you click the button to go to, in my case Components, it triggers a script which takes you to the correct layout and performs a find based on type. Poke around in my example, hopefully it will help you. --Dawn
  10. I had a similar situation, but instead of contacts I had components/sub-assemblies/parts. They all contained the same information except for their "type". I was advised to keep them in the same table, and then when you display them in a layout to perform a sort (or find) to show only the ones with the correct type. So following this train of thought, I think it would be best for you to keep all contacts in one table, and just sort them based on "type". You can take a look at my data base to get an idea of how I organized mine. --Dawn PDS-MAFC250-V5-0-StrippedPlay.zip
  11. I got it working using a find, then a loop. I wasn't able to use the global and gtrr method, it wouldn't work for me. I don't think I really understand it properly. Are there any examples anywhere that use this technique? The loop method works for now, but if the other method is faster I would like to use it. Thanks for all the help guys! You've been a big help. --Dawn PDS-MAFC250-V5-0-StrippedPlay.zip
  12. Okay, I'll play with that a little to see if I can make it work the way I want. One problem I can see at a glance is that my found set depends on my gtrr, I have to get the related record before I know which layout and found set I want. In the example, you set the found set before you gtrr. So hopefully I can get around that. Thanks, --Dawn
  13. I'm looking for the script to work in my self join section, and you're describing it as needing two tables, will it still work? My "ComponentRegistry" table is the main table, and it's self joined using a join table (BOM) to itself to give me a parent/child relationship structure. I want to go from one record in the Component Registry to another record in Component Registry. Which should be easy, but since I'm sorting all the records in that table into three catagories (Part, Sub-Assembly, and Component), and the record I want to go to may be in any one of those catagories, it gets complicated. In plain english, this is what I want the script (or global) to do: Go to the related record (the one displayed in portal row) Get the record ID Choose layout based on "Type" and user security level (which will give me a found set using the correct layout) go to record using Record ID and maitain the found set So the method you just described, will it work with just one table? I'm not switching tables (well, I might be able to use the Join Table if I have to), so can I still find a record and then make a new find set and go back to that record? I'm really new at this and this is my first database ever, so it's difficult for me to get my head around it. Are there any examples I can look at to get a better feel for this method? Thanks, --Dawn
  14. Fitch: Could you elaborate on how I would set up the global method you described? Would the global be in the same table, then add another TO or just more relationships into my existing relationship diagram? Then how would I go about passing and retrieving information from the global and still say in the correct found set (I've got three, and depending on what type the parent/child is will possibly change the found set during the script)? Thanks, --Dawn
  15. Okay, so since this has turned into more of a scripting thread, I made a new thread in the ScriptMaker section: http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/180735/ Perhaps a mod could merge the two threads. Thanks Ted S for making it work! Now I just have to get it working using the proper found sets and layouts, which some users in the other thread have made suggestions about. BruceR: You have to remember that I've never used FileMaker before, this is the first db I've ever made. And in my create new record scripts, I designed them so they would work in multiple layouts, the new component script will work in 9 of my layouts. I don't want to have to create a new script for each layout, as I've got 28 layouts and still some to build. That would be way too many scripts, so instead I've built in If statements to find which layout I'm using and perform different actions depending on the layout. I guess I could move some stuff around a bit so that unless you are in the specified layouts it does nothing. --Dawn
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