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  1. These was an old post regarding using Apple macmini as a FM server. I can understand the reasons why we should not take that path Recently , Apple announced a new macmini server running Mac OS X Server v10.6 Snow Leopard. It has 4 GB RAM and dual 500GB HD. Now the spec looks more like a server spec. We are tempting to use this for the FMSA 10. Has any one has experience on this piece of new hardware ? Xserve is too much for us . We try to avoid using Window Server software
  2. I am back to this after having been away for sometime. I certainly appreciate very much the solution suggested by Soren. I certainly agreed there should be only on transaction. Unfortunately , the internet access in my country (one little country in South East Asia) is extremely unreliable and slow. It is close to impossible to do any form of online operation from our shop to the main office. That is why I am exploring the option of using file upload. At least I think this is a much safer option. Thank you very much
  3. Thank you Bcooney for your post. I am aware of the product from WorldSync. It is a good product. I only need to upload, download and update a small piece of the entire database, I do not need the complexity and the cost of using WorldSync. Furthermore, I need to do this only once a day, either at the start or end of the day. No real urgency in having data synchronized up to the minutes. I like simplicity and FTPeek looks simple enough to implement and maintain.
  4. I have a situation and like to see whether FTPeek can help to solve. We are doing retail business and have stores all over the town. All retail stores are using Filemaker to do the Point-Of-Sales functions locally. At the end of the day, I want each store to FTP the daily sales summary ( a small FM file) to the main office FTP Server. I think this can be handled easily by FTPeek. My challenge is at the main office. I want to develop a FM Server script that will schedule to download all the uploaded file and update the main FM database for consolidation. Similarly, if there are any chang
  5. Hi puschteblume, I am glad to know you have done work with IBM jdbc driver. I just have a meeting with a customer who has a AIX and DB2 database. He can set up a jdbc driver. He wanted to use the ESS in FM10 Server to connect the FM to the DB2. Thereafter, there will be 5 data entry people to update some data in DB2 via FM application. I have not done anything with DB2 or jdbc. Is this workable? Are there anything that I need to ask customer to set it up ? Thank you very much
  6. Thank you so much. It works perfectly for me
  7. I need to find a way to compute due date from the start date and the number of months down the road For example: My start date is 5/31/2008. If I add 6 months to the date, the due date computed by FM is 12/01/2008. This is not what I want. I want my due date to show 11/30/2008 - within the month itself This becomes more complicated if the due date falls in February. For example, if I add 9 months to the start date, FM gives me 03/03/2009. What I want is 02/28/2009. Hope someone can help me to achieve this ? Thank you in advance
  8. Hi, Thanks for your "proof ". Now I see what I have done wrong. You are a great help.
  9. I did that but the price field does not return the correct value. It is suppose the return the first value of the price table. But it is return other value down the list randomly. For example I entered the following in the price table Date Price 31/3/07 $10 30/3/07 $9 29/3/07 $8 28/3/07 $7 The correct value should be $10 (for today 31/3/07). But price field in the inventory layout shows $8. This is not correct. It is random. If I delete 29/3/07, then it is returning $9
  10. I have an inventory table and a Price table. The price table stores the date and sell price. The table is join using the Inventory ID. In the price table, user enter records as follow Date (dd/mm/yy) Sell Price 01/03/07 $5 15/03/07 $6 01/04/07 $7 15/04/07 $5 They can enter as many records as they wanted. From the inventory table, I like to be able to get the right selling price from the price table , depending on the current date. For example, today I should get $6 as sell price. Then w
  11. Hi ABC, I re-visited Evolis website today. Now it display a big banner annoucing the support for MacOS. I have a 2 more questions:- 1. Which card reader do you use ? 2. Since there are 3 tracks on the card, when you swipe the card in FM, which track of the information does it capture? Thank you
  12. Hi ABC, Your report is great as I am about to look for similar setup and solution. I visited the evolis website. In the drivers & software section, it only mentioned Window XP Driver. No Mac driver. How do you get the driver for Mac ? Does it run on Mac_Intel? Does the encoding software comes with the printer ? Thank you
  13. I do have the If [ Get ( LastMessageChoice ). If user click OK (in this case, the lastmessagechoice is 2) , it will then perform a script. Otherwise, the it just Halt Script when user click Cancel (which is the default). It is a simple script taken out from the FM Help. The annoying thing is it works most of the time. Probably once a day or so, when user click OK, nothing happens. User has to click Cancel and try again.
  14. I have this very annoying problem. Occasionally the simple custom dialog (with only 2 buttons - Ok and Cancel) does not response when user click on the OK button. Sometime I have to shutdown FM to get it to work. Does anyone has this experience ?
  15. Let me explain our situation. Our invoicing table is actually a general purpose 'billing' table. It is being used for Quotation, PreOrder and Invoicing. We have a field called TypeOfTransaction to differentiate between them. Each has its own running number. If user is doing quotation, then the so called "invoice number" field will store the Quotation running number and so on. As such we cannot make use of the auto-entered serial number. We stored all the running number in a separate table as I have described earlier. But we run into duplicate number especially for Invoicing.
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