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  1. Thank you very much, Mr. Vodka. Problem solved.
  2. This is my scenario: Table 1: Services (contains the list of services the company gives) Table 2: Bookings (contains the reservations made for those services) -Service -Date -Time I need a relationship that shows all reservations for a Service in a given day in a given time, but if I don’t type anything in time field, I need that the same portal shows all the reservations for that Service in that date. I’ve been going over again and again: When I leave the time field blank, the portal doesn’t show anything. Any help would be highly appreciated.
  3. Thank you, Vaughan. People like you are who have put this forum in the first place in the FM community.
  4. Ok, Dr. Vaughan, thank you very much. I had tried the first option without success, but you solved my problem with the second one. I was really embarrassed to ask that question, but finally I decided to do it as it has been a problem for me since a long time ago, but I wasn't brave enough to make a fool of myself. Thanks again.
  5. Hi! As seen on the attachment, I've tried to make a value list to disappear after clicking on one of its values, but it stays there, blocking other buttons in the background. I have to click somewhere else in the screen to get rid of the value list. Any hint would be appreciated, as I tried "Set Tab Order..." and other ways with no results. Tnx. Value_List.bmp
  6. Well, the plug-in looks good for the purpose, but I like to leave plug-ins as a last resource. ¿Don't you think that I could play maybe with the import step, as it warns if it doesn't find the file? Tnx.
  7. Hi! I'm in the Importing process of a database. In order to verify if the source file exists in the desktop -before "Delete all" script in the destination file-,I tried the "not IsValid ( $desktop ), where $desktop stands for Set Variable [Let ( [ MAC = "filemac:" & Get ( DesktopPath ) ; PC = "filewin:" & Get ( DesktopPath ) ] ; Case(Abs(Get ( SystemPlatform )) = 1; MAC; Abs(Get ( SystemPlatform )) = 2 ; PC ) & "MainDatabase/" & Get ( FileName )) I think that the IsValid step doesn't work here, because it is ignored in the process. Does somebody k
  8. Thank you Vaughan for your help and your good attitude.
  9. Hello! In a multi portal layout, when I run another script, I can keep a portal row visible in a 10 line portal even if it is the 25th record, with the Go to Object/Go to Portal Row steps. The only thing is that it puts that portal row at the bottom of the portal. Is there any way to "freeze" it, so the user is always looking his record in the line of the portal that it originally was? I hope you understand what I mean. TIA.
  10. Sorry, I was using a wrong field, not the global one.
  11. Hi! I've put global containers for each menu title, that captures the corresponding icon in the graphic table, but they dissapear when in Find Mode. Does someone know the way to keep them visible when you go to Find Mode? I'll appreciate any help on this. Tks.
  12. Ok, Dr. comment, I first studied/learned/enjoyed your LanguageLabels technique, then I applied it in a copy & paste basis to my solution. Thank you very much. GBY
  13. Well, I thought it was a simple way, to update globals anytime you decide to change language (idioma), as this table will have only one record, and place those globals all around the solution.
  14. I don't understand why it works only for the first repetition. Any hint would be greatly appreciated. Tnx.
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