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  1. it's set to FMPro 7 I jsyt don't get this it should be working. I have set up server_date.php ip addy is of filemaker server and the port is the port on the machien that the web publishing engine is on - that's correct isn't it.
  2. the problem appears to be that everything is getting parsed as text and the code is being displayed in the browser everything from SetDBData onwards, I am running lots of other php scripts which are working fine like moodle phpbb etc, but i don't get this.
  3. that was a copy and paste error, i have spent a day at this and it wont work
  4. this keeps printing to the screen above the page and the page is non functional SetDBData('Student','stureg',$groupSize); $register->SetDBPassword('','Admin'); $registerResult=$register->FMNew(); foreach($registerResult['data'] as $key=>$registerData); ?> im using server 8 adv, in the php fx folder the file server_data.php am i correct port is the port numbe rof the machine my wbe publishing egine is on and ip addy is the fm server machine?
  5. Ok I have FX php installed but how do i use it? Is there any exmaples on how to programme it?
  6. the problem happens to files on my filemkaer server olnly not datebases on my machine
  7. when I create a field and select auto enter and tick data it dosen't do it. e.g. I create a field called is printed I go to auto-enter and type No, but it dosen;t do it... fields that are already created with auto-enters work but if I duplicate them the duplicate dosen't work it's the same when I try to enter date etc etc.
  8. Is there a help file anywhere on how to use web viewer to prepare reports I looked at it in the example file but I'm wondering how to implement it.
  9. I have been given an almost finished database and asked to make so dramatic changes to it so this is long and complicated so please bere with me, ok there are 4 tables details, courses, accom and invoices. So the students details go in on the details screen name etc, when they book a course a new record is created in the courses table and accom functions in the same way. at the end of the details layout there tab with portals to show the info from the accom and courses table. Currently each record in accom and courses had a field called invoices which is linked to the invoices
  10. sorry I don't understand..... can u explain this 2 me
  11. I have a layout called invoice which I obviously use to invoice people hoever some people have an agent and some people don't so is it possible to hide a field and text label i.e. if agent = null don't show the field on the layout?
  12. I can't do that cause tehy will not always be equal it just happens in this case that they are.
  13. I have two layouts one called information and one called invoice, I am writing a script but I want it to go to the fields account number and invoice number on the information layout copy the contents to the invoice and account number fields on the invoice layout, i know how to do it with one field but is it possible to do it with two fields?
  14. the find only shows one result and I have to use the prev and next buttons is there anyway I can get it to print all the results on the one page or page/s if necessary
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