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  1. An update to this post; The solution to this for me has been a little convoluted, but it works well. I have created a duplicate layout and enabled it only for list view. I then copied the portal contents and split them manually across 4 pages, so there are 20 records on each, 1-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80. Then when I script a print command, it points to the list view which shows onlt 20 records per page, rather than the form view which shows the scrolling portal records. Hope that makes sense. Thanks James
  2. An update to this post; I was having problems with this simply because I had added an extra field under all the others which I was conditionally formatting. What I should have done was get rid of this extra field entirely, and simply conditionally format all the fields in the portal row. Which worked a treat. Thanks James
  3. Hi All, I still have had no joy in fixing this problem. I know there is a way to do it as it happens in iTunes, but I suspect it may be something that needs to invoke an Applescript command to do. To sum up the problem again - I want to get the attribute of a scrolled portal so that when I navigate away from it, and then back again, or navigate to a related record with a related portal, I can arrive on the screen with the portal in the same scrolled position. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks James
  4. After all that, I have worked it out myself! Turns out all I needed to do was add in a calculation field that reacts to a Flag field. When that is clicked, the calculation field will show info from the Festival field. Easy as pie! Sorry to waste your time, but thinking differently about it has really helped the matter. Thanks James
  5. Thanks for taking the time to reply. It's probably best if I post a copy of what I have created, and you can see how it works, and what I need to do. As you can see, the booker types in the name of the city, and then a drop-down list for the venues in that city appears in the venue column. The example I have set is for Brighton where there is a festival which uses all of the Brighton venues, but the details of the contact, email and phone need to be different than those of the venues. I think my issue here is how I would have a different field show up in the portal row. Does thi
  6. I have a database of Theatres, and by relating a table by City and Theatre name I am able to call up data in a portal for each time a tour visits that venue. Sometimes, however, the data in some parts of the venue needs to be called from a different record (Cities have festivals which are administered by a whole different set of people). I would like to still keep the data from the City & Theatre, but somehow manipulate certain records to show from the parent of the festival instead of the Theatre. I can add a trigger for this in the form of a tick box, or a script button, but I am now stu
  7. I have a DB that has many different layouts, all utilising portals to show related tour dates for one tour. Each layout has separate groups of information about each tour date. I am using a scrolling portal on each layout. When I goto related record, the scroll position jumps to the bottom of the viewing window. When I goto last record, then to the portal row (saved as a variable) then the record appears at the top of the window. Is there a way of getting the attribute of the location of the portal record on the screen so the next layout appears scrolled to exactly the same position?
  8. I have a portal with 80 rows. When it prints, at the page breaks I lose one or half of one of the records When it goes across the page break, the record on the break either disappears, or only appears as the lower or upper half of the record in Preview and when printed. I have tried the body summary options, none of which seem to do what I need. What am I doing wrong?? Thanks Frommy (I originally posted this as a reponse to a different thread a few days ago, but have had no response, so am trying again with it on its own)
  9. Hi Lee, Thanks very much for that - works well on the fields that I don't want to edit and looks better already. However, I still get the same problem on fields I want to edit (of which there are a lot in each portal row). Is there any way of setting them up to display something other than the body colour when they are being edited? Thanks Frommy
  10. I have a portal and each row is highlighted with different colours depending on a script that is triggered by various coloured buttons. This works well by having transparent text fields laid behind the data fields on the portal. However, when you enter data, all the fields in the portal turn white, or whatever colour I format the body of the layout. Is there a way of fields not going back this far in an arrangement stack so that they can retain the colour of the text file behind them during data entry? Thanks Frommy
  11. hi Chaps, I have a similar database with a problem that I have tested on Fenton's solution and it does it as well. My tours are typically about 80 dates long, so I need a larger portal that stretches across 2 or 3 page breaks. When it goes across the page break, the record on the break either disappears, or only appears as the lower or upper half of the record in Preview and when printed. I have populated the database up to record 47 in Fenton's example, and record 40 shows at the top of the second page in Preview as only the lowerr half. I have tried the body summary options,
  12. I see. I've tried that, and now I can only get the names with additional guests to print. Not the ones with no guests. Sorry, I'll leave you all alone soon!
  13. Brilliant, yes, that's fixed the problem. I now have a second problem - the report is only finding the first related record instead of the nice list I was expecting under the name. Any ideas guys?
  14. Hi all, I've been working with FMP 8.5 on the free trial, and am nearly finished creating a Guest List database for an upcoming tour I'm doing. The problem I have is getting the report to look the way I want. I want to get the number of tickets, guest passes, backstage passes etc... for each show listed per show, and per person. This works OK, but then I try to bring a related table in as each person that has tickets can have up to 10 guests which need to appear on the list. This is what I want... 23 Sep 06 Barcelona SanJordi Joe Bloggs (no. Tix) (no. Guests) (no. V
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