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  1. The below had worked in the past but now we're getting the Error Message "No recipients were specified in the Message". Any ideas why? Thanks, Elle Mae EmailConnect("mail.company.mail") and EmailCreate("Documentation Center <documentation@company.com" ; Client::email; "A Shipment is En Route....") and EmailAttachFileInline( "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery\10Logo.jpg"; "header2010") and EmailSetBody( "<html><body><center><img src=\"cid:header2010\"></center>" & Mailings::Mail_EmailBody_SMTPit & "</body&g
  2. I'd like my From address to appear as a name and not an address. Is this possible w/ this plug-in?
  3. I set it up the following way but I still don't see the attachment in the right place. You suggested that I call the EmailAttachFileInline when I create the email. Does that mean within the EmailCreate function? EmailAttachFileInline( "C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedStationeryMicatoTL10Logo.jpg"; "cid:micatoheader2010") EmailSetBody( " ";"html")
  4. I'm new to the 360Works email plug-in and I'm trying to add the company logo to the email as a header. I've tried using the EmailAttachFileInline function which adds the logo at the end of the email and not at the header. Any ideas???
  5. Thanks. However, I think I did not explain my needs fully. I want to have lookup fields that get the cities and states/provinces if a zip code is entered allowing the user to skip those entry fields. I need either a list of all possible states/provinces and cities whithin each country, or if someone has created a table that I can then create a relationship to my database. I am hoping that someone has thought of creating such a table for lazy developers such as myself (LOL).
  6. I want to find out if there is anything out there that I can use in my Contact Db which would provide the list of states & provinces for all countries (particularly US, Mexico, Canada & South Africa). I want to have value lists but I don't want to input the info. Help me out, y'all!
  7. Soren, Maybe I didn't explain myself very well or I'm not understanding you correctly. Here's the scenario: For each client record there are at least 60 date fields. Now, should I create a separate related table (calendar per client)to keep track of these dates? If so how would I then remind the client that one of these dates is coming up? Should I write a script or is there a plug-in to accomplish that? Please help. Thanks.
  8. I have a table with more than 60 date fields and would like to create a script to remind of upcoming dates within certain intervals (1 week, 2 weeks, month, etc.). Is there a plug-in that accomplishes this in such a large number of date fields? Any ideas of how I should go about scripting for these events? HELP!!!
  9. I created a layout with multiple pages and every time I go to the layout, the fields have shifted from the original position. Sliding is not enabled yet this keeps happening. Any ideas?
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