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  1. I greatly appreciate the range of responses. I intend to use the office server PC to host the solution and access it with the mac and pc clients. I'm sure it will work fine once we get the networking to function. Thank you.
  2. I have a potential customer who just merged offices with another company. One office is Mac and the other is PC. One loves FileMaker and the other uses something else. The Mac/FileMaker team wants to convince the PC/noname team to use their solution. Nobody wants to change. They've asked me to give advice. I've been developing with FM for years but most of my customers are PC and none are mixed platform. This is still a small team so they want to continue to use peer-to-peer (yes, I know the advantages of FM Server). My question is which machine to host the solution on, the Mac or the
  3. I've looked at their plugins before and they are impressive. Unfortunately, times are tight and I'm hoping for a non-plugin solution, if possible. Thanks for your suggestion. It should work well, but FM12 already does many of the functions of the plugin and I'm hoping to find a way to do this task as well (if possible).
  4. I am looking for a way to import email messages into my FM system as records. I have a dedicated email account on my host that I'd like FM to monitor and every time a new message comes in, it gets added as a record. Any thoughts on how to pull this off? My goal is to log all of my customer communications via email by bcc-ing myself.
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