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  1. When I use FTPeek_ConnectSFTP from a Mac, I connect with no problem. Using the same script on Windows returns an error on the public key. The FTPeek_GetPublicKey returns slightly different results on the two platforms as noted below. Neither format seems to work in the Windows script. FTPeek_GetPublicKey on Mac returns: ssh-rsa AAAA[...] FTPeek_GetPublicKey on Windows returns: ---- BEGIN SSH2 PUBLIC KEY ---- AAAA[...]---- END SSH2 PUBLIC KEY ---- Andy Kappy
  2. David, If I understand correctly, I'd need a more complex relationship with the target of the post to use the functions in ScriptMaster. Passing the URL into a web viewer is not available as a server-side scripting function. Is your Web Assistant able to run in a server-side script? Andy
  3. I've been running a script that imports orders from our client and posts a response in the format: http://company.stage.program.com/updateOrderXml.asp?xml=12345RECEIVED BY PRINTER11/4/2010 9:30:06 AM > I need to run the script server-side, so I want to use scriptmaster to post the URL. We've registered the PostDataToUrl and the result of our script using the function is only "Error" Not having a "Key" or "Value", I formatted the setfield to: PostDataToURL( "" ; "" ; URLField ) Any suggestions? Andy
  4. Valentin, This is resolved. As per your recommendation, uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling Java on the server did the trick. FTPeek plugin enables on the server and the serverside script now runs successfully. Thanks, Andy
  5. I downloaded and installed the latest java. Still cannot save enable for FTPeek.
  6. We're now at the most current version. Works fine on FMPA 10,11 workstations. FMSA 11 won't load the plugin, won't save the check box as checked. I have sent the "bug report". I had to let this issue be on back burner for a while as I had turned to other responsibilities. Andy
  7. Be wary of update to FM Server Adv 11. Server side script schedules are getting user permission errors, regardless of user rights. As of Jul 12th FM support says they are working on it. There are messages in Tech Talk dating back to at least May 2nd on this. Andy
  8. I haven't completed all of my testing yet, but it appears that the latest update to FTPeek fixed the problem.
  9. Recording the errors was a good suggestion. I put a get(lasterror) to a separate field after each FTPeek step and each one produced a "0" result. Tried again, this time using FTPeek Last Error and got "?" as a result for each FTPeek step.
  10. My script was working for weeks. Then the FTP transfers stopped. If I run the script from a client on the server and it runs fine. The server indicates that the script ran OK, but no transfer occurred. Any suggestions for diagnosing the problem? Andy Kappy
  11. There is no 360Plugin Logs folder in ...FileMaker ServerLogs (there is a Troi Log folder there, so I'm sure I'm looking in the right place) I've set full control to the fmserver user on the folder in question, no help. I set write privileges for the Guest user, still no help.
  12. When I run as a server scheduled script, it succeeds in getting the file list from the FTP site, and moving the files to another folder on the FTP site. It fails to download the files. The same script works fine when running from a client on the same box as the server. Does FTPeek write a log anywhere? Any suggestions on how to analyze the failure?
  13. That did the trick. I was not returning to the BaseImportXML table when I should have been. Problem solved. Any suggestions on a better way to create these records in the Inserts table? I thought about using a Portal, but I don't see how to script a new record in the Portal Thanks, Andy
  14. Still no joy. Whether I use my original calculation (single variable), the two variable version, or the custom function, I only get exactly as desired if I put an actual number for the Occurrence in the Position function. If I use 1 I get "firstpdf", if I use 2, I get "secondpdf". That works just fine. However, if I try to use the variable, $pdfnum or $$pdfnum, I get the first instance just fine in $$insert, the rest return a blank to $$insert, which I'm watching in Data Viewer. In the script example below Line #16 (and disabled #17) are the lines of interest. Line #17 was my last sample
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