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  1. comment thank you for bringing to my attention. When I first started writing down my main goal for this project I knew I would need to impliment that but was not really sure where to begin. So basically anywhere I have a cost being calulated I should put it in a prices table and then do the lookup. I think I can handle most of that but I am not sure how to handle the Carve range calculation. I created a new table called CarveFormula and to handle the range I created 20 fields in that table along the lines of (level1min) 1" (Level1max) 10" (Level1factor) 32.00 (Level1SetupRate) 160.00
  2. comment thanks for taking the time to create this. This is exactly what I need it to do. Now I understand what you mean by using the portal. It makes the database much more cleanier and easier to navigate the backend. Im definetly going to be making some chnages to mine. Thanks again and very well done.
  3. 1. If I understand correctly, the correct square footage could be computed automatically by taking the larger dimension of the two (length or height). No manual switching would be required? I actually thought of that but there are some rare cases where that rule is not followed so we thought this would be better controlled by a checkbox. 2. What does the CarveTrigger field do? The carve trigger is to turn off the engraving charge. We do have some customers that buy the memorials but do not want any carving or engraving done on the memorial. So with CarveTrigger I made it a checkbox to hav
  4. comment I forgot to mention in my previous posts. In the granite industry there are 3 memorials types and there are 2 ways to get sq foot. 1. Monuments (example) 36 x 6 x 20 which would be calculated as Length * Height /144 = Sq Foot 2. And there is grass markers and bevel markers which are for example 24 x 12 x 4. In that case the sq foot has to be figured as Length * Width /144. As you can see if we figured the sq foot based off 24 * 4 /144 it would not give us the proper sq foot. We would lose money based off 4" so we then switch the calcuation to 24 x 12 /144. So in those cases
  5. As you can see I am a beginner and I was not sure how to use portals exactly. I have used them in another solution I worked on but in this solution I did not even think about it. Since your last post I have decided to make some changes. I ended up putting in a checkbox called switchtrigger1 which is a checkbox with a static value of switch. I am now trying to use that in my formula so that if the switchtrigger1 is checked it will instruct the sq foot field to calculate based off of length * width /144 and if unchecked to calculate length * height /144. I cannot seem to get anywhere w
  6. comment I think I jumped the gun a little bit. It appeared to be working. Right now it seems to be getting the setup fee ranges correctly but it will not take sq foot rate * the sq foot. Example when i enter a size of 36 x 06 x 20 it gets that its 20" high and fills the carve1price field with $185.00 but then does not add the $48 x Sq Ft. Here is the forumula I have now: Let ( [ dimension = Case ( CarveTrigger1 = "Carve" ; size1height ; size1width ) ; SqFt1 = size2length * size1height / 144 ] ; Case ( dimension ≤ 10 ; 160 + 32 * SqFt1 ; dimension ≤ 14 ; 175 + 42 * SqFt1 ; di
  7. comment, thank you very very much that works brilliantly. I do not think I ever would have figured it out. It makes sense now but I was shaking my head on this one. Thanks again I appreciate it.
  8. comment thanks for your help I will give this a try. Would I then asign this to a button so when clicked it would know to figure it by width and not height? Thank you.
  9. I was hoping to get some help on a quoting system I am working on. This is a quoting system for a granite company. In the granite industry the customer is charged based off the height and on certain granite pieces and sometimes it is based off the width and in either case the Sq Foot rate. For example a piece of granite that is: L W H 30” x 6” x 20” So how we figure it is Length x Height / 144 which gives you the Sq Foot of that piece. So using the above size the Sq Foot would be 5 Sq Foot. Now I have to add a one time setup rate and Sq Foot Rate based off the heigh
  10. sd thanks again. I got some time after work to look at your mods. Starting with the first mod you did which was create the drop down for the vendor name and ID. I do not understand what is different than what I was trying. Was this a relationship problem that I had? For a second let us forget about the Dealer ID. What If I simply want to put a drop down menu in my quotes layout to display for example just the Dealers Name. I do not understand why I cannot do this. Any value list I try to create from a related table field does nothing. When I create the value list and go to browse mode it
  11. Søren Dyhr thank you for taking the time to look at my solution that is a great help. Now I can go through there and see what I am doing wrong. "BTW why isn't the lines in the quotes layout normalized?" I belive you are talking about the all the size1length and etc fields that I have in the table. I was not sure how to do this differently because in the granite business many calculations which I do have on the layout yet need to have the length width and height fields broken down so it can calculate weight, delivery and install charges which are based off mostly the length and height
  12. I was hoping for some help on a quoting solution I am working on. I am using Filemaker 8.0v3. In my database I have 2 tables I have linked which are Dealers and Quotes. In the Dealers table I have a number field called DealerNumber, its a number I assign to a dealer and then I have a field called DealerName. On the Quotes layout I want to either 1. have a drop down list where I can select the dealer number and have it fill the DealerName dropdown which is next to it or 2. have a edit box for the dealer number and when I type in that dealers number It fills the dealer name edit box next to it.
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