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  1. milking cow is vla and because the vla users playing the game we individuals are confronted with expensive half updates. So filemaker must be profitable and shure i would do the same. Seams that vla users are less critical and better to manage then individuels and have more money. Its okay with me
  2. This means for individuals is no place?!
  3. FM please find back to your roots and fill the big gap you left since 2 decades. Learn to print, give us pdf in runtimes... and do not try to be what you will never be - a professional Developer DB. From wich customers you live out? FM is following a roller coaster. Decades ago you had philosophies and clear strategies!
  4. Your system is mac and not windows xp but i think mac should also have the same effects. Looks like FM 9 is working through all relations between the files. I have tested now a runtime 8.5 vers 9 the same result. This is a FM problem. I have tested meanwhile on 5 different PCs. Typical FM half developed because of Devcon in August.
  5. You can test it with every solution you find. Test it with 8.5 and then with 9.0 After maintenance only switching between layouts in the same file is better but switching between different files the negativ effect is still the same. I dont know if the effect can be covered with a script including freeze window ? And i also havent testet the behavior of a runtime solution
  6. Has nothing to do with Graphic Cards perhaps with FM 9 Windows. After maintenance shrinking files in 8.5 FM 9 works better but the effect is still there.
  7. FM9 is slower then 8.5 You can see this effect by switching between opened files. An other problem with sorted portals. Sometimes you can see the Sort Window working. Never seen in 8.5
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