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  1. Javiere

    Layout offset

    Thank you comment,I will try to convince the specialist to modify the layout in a way that the containers go in the body and not in a sub-summary, for that I´ll have to move the container fields to another table and make a relation. Thank you very much for your suggestion. If the change is approved the problem specific to this case will be solved. The problem with layouts exceeding a page, however still there. Javier
  2. Javiere

    Layout offset

    The Containers belong to the master file and are located in the trailer sub-sumary, the body contains the fields of the related records. In detail: 1.- Leading sub-sumary with general information of the musical composition (by signature). (fields defined in the master file). 2.- Body with information about the partitures comprising the musical composition. (fields defined in the slave file). 3.- Trailing sub-sumary with the 9 images (containers) for each composition. (fields defined in the master file). Thank you friends
  3. Javiere

    Layout offset

    I´ve tried to reduce the layout in every possible I´m way, using font in 9 points, and positioning the containers in two columns. The problem is the same using FileMaker Pro 11. Any other ideas please! Thank you for the suggestion.
  4. Did you try the option "also resize enclosing part" it will slide up the part containing the empty fields. Saludos, Javier
  5. Javiere

    Layout offset

    Friends, I am finishing a wonderful project, the catalog of the Baroque Music of Moxos (Eastern region of Bolivia). I´m acting as IT specialist, the real investigation is being done by experts in Music with admirable knowledge in this field. FileMaker was used and everything went as expected, the database runs perfect the scripts do exactly what´s needed and the layouts for the experts to analyze the partitures (images containers) worked great. The idea is now to produce a Layout with the data for each composition along with these image containers. The Layout has a Header, a leading s
  6. Hope this is the right sub-forum. Due to a hardware error I had to reinstall FM, everything went OK to that point, but it refuses to activate saying I reached the maximum number of licenses. Any ideas? Thanks, Javier
  7. Yes, server can do it, but I was looking for, is a FM Solution to enable email sending between the LAN clients (only), without using internet. The notification would "popup" anytime a message arrives, no matter which application the client is using. In Mac there is a system-wide Notification called Growl, see: growl.info/, also, I said in a previous message it may be posible to do something in AppleScript, but what with Windows?: One more thing Carpal, I still struggling with RC4, it's almost finished, I still trying to figure out the part with the XOR operation.
  8. Thanks Søren, seems Boardroom is a nice software with a great implementation. However what I'm looking is a way to tell the user of an event in FileMaker when using another application, some kind of notification.
  9. : How do you think it would be possible to notify a user in the LAN of an incoming "message" in FileMaker? (The message is generated by another user in the LAN also in FileMaker). In other words, how to display a dialog informing the user of an event in FileMaker? In Mac you can make FileMaker to trigger an AppleScript, also there may be a way to use Growl.
  10. Yes indeed, it implies converstion to binary, apply XOR and then do another base conversion, I'll try to see what I can do. Thank you amigo.
  11. Dear Carpal and friends, I have found this pdf containing the pseudocode for the RC4 Algorithm, implementing it in Fm implies access to byte level manipulation? If not can you please help me with it? I'm stuck with this Gracias, Javier EspAllegedRC4.pdf
  12. That's correct, I'll try to find a better descrption of the algorithm, if I find it I'll post it here OK?. Thank you friend
  13. Uhmm Carpal, I have found this implementation of RC4 I beleive it's in C or C++ (both Chinese for me). Does it needs capacities not covered by FM? This is an implementation of the RC4 (or "ARCFOUR" for copyright purposes) stream cipher. There are two steps to the cipher. First, the KSA uses a supplied key to initialize the "state" matrix. Then, the PRGA uses the state to generate pseudo-random output of any desired length. called the keystream. For encryption purposes, this keystream is XOR'd by the plaintext to yield ciphertext. For decryption, the keystream is XOR'd by the ciphertext
  14. Just to have you updated, I have already solved the base64 conversion and Verhoeff (see http://www.briandunning.com/cf/616), I am now trying to figure out the "Alleged RC4" algorithm. Saludos, Javier
  15. :o Yes, Carpal Tunnel I didnt do so because I don't want to "abuse" of your kindness. Please see my previos post, there you will find all the information. I'am attaching here a solution that works fine to convert base10 to base64. Tested Base10aBase64v2.fp7.zip
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