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  1. If you read my response above I have sorted the relationship in the ER diagram using the little box along the line. It does not work. FM still displays the first record entered into the protal. Apparently FM is looking at the record ID# of the rows in the portal. Yes, I agree that I would have expected this to work but it doesn't.
  2. This is not true in the tests that I have done. I cannot prove your hypothesis. Is there anyone, Johnmark O., that can answer to this?
  3. Well, the essential issue is that FM will always look at the first related recorded entered in the portal. Therefore sorting has no effect whatsoever whether it's in the portal used by the user or another portal sorted by record number, serial number, etc. Just for details sake this is a membership db: Parent file is Members and the child file is membership history. The field in the portal that I am trying to capture is latest year of membership which will always be the last entry in the portal. But FM can only look at the first record entered in the portal row. It also turns out that
  4. Right sorry I wasn't more clear. The relationship and the portal are sorted and yes I did come up with a script that would update it just fine but I want to do it through a calculation. Actually the field is not displayed but another calculation field looks at it to determine if a membership is current or not. Sounds like a script might be the only way to do it.
  5. This has got to be easy. I want to display the content of a field from the first SORTED portal row in the parent file. I have created a calculation field (in parent file) to display the field but the calculation ignores the sort and displays the first portal row entered. How can I get the calculation to look at the first portal row according to the sort? Thanks!
  6. I am managing a large inventory database in which each item, jewelry, is photographed and imported into FM 8.5. The imported photo is darker as displayed in FM than when it is viewed in Photoshop or in any other application. We're tried making the photos lighter before import but then we also use the photos to post on a website so we have to make two versions of the same photo. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  7. Is it possible to create a calculation that would return the k or MB size of a record or the size of the content of a container field? Get(ActiveSelectionSize) is for text only. Thanks!
  8. Is there a way to set a repeating field with each value in a value list? Thanks!
  9. Very nice solution! I took it one step further and chose a the approriate boders to make a group of eleven fields look as if it were one big check box field. Of course when you click in one you can see the field boundries.
  10. In order to share your files outside your local network you will need a static IP address which you can purchase through your Service Provider. You can also get a dynamic IP address for free but this is much harder to set up. Once you get your static IP address get instructions from the router company on how to set this up. Linksys for example.
  11. Here's what I found out. You need to pay your service provider for a static IP address. It's like a domain name except that it's within your service providers control. Dynamic IP addresses can be tricky to set up and require more knowledge. If you can do it, it is free. There is more to this than FileMaker leads you to believe. They should make the distinction much more clear in their documentation. Most people when you use the word web envision that it is available to everyone, not just your local network. I also just bought a copy of Lane, Love, and Bower's Book "Using File
  12. So I've got IWP up on my local network and users can log in and access the files. But I would like to make it available over the Internet. I gave a few folks the IP address used to share the files from my computer but the guy down the street can't access it. All the documentation I've read is vague or perhaps evasive. What is the next step to allowing anyone I give the IP address to access to the files? Do I need to be running FMP Server? FMP Advanced? Register a domain? Is there a setting I've missed. Thanks in advance!
  13. I'm having the same problems. FMP Knowledgebase states that this error "Instant SP could not...." is because there is more than one copy of FM open on your computer. Answer ID #410. I only have one copy of 8.5v1 running. Also, and IP address does not automatically appear under URL.
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