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  1. Thank you Ender. You gave me the courage to delete some of the files that aren't part of my problem and get it slimmed down. I have the file attached. It isn't going to look pretty once you open it because I had to delete so much. It is also password protected (sorry). You must use ADMIN and FMSA (in caps). Once you get it open go to Scripts and run the only script that is listed. It will take you to a layout where you will select the month and year. Please select January 2007 because I know the data for that time period. The first page of the report won't show you the problem. Go the ne
  2. I have finally gotten my file off of the server and ready to post. Now I find it exceed the limit to post to this forum. It is an application that we bought from FileMaker and I have customized it to meet out needs. Since it was a pre-built application it has two files and tons of tables, the smallest I can get it is 1.55 MB. I guess there is no hope unless anybody has an idea...
  3. This is embarrassing, but somehow the password that we had recorded as the Admin Server Password is not working. We are not able to log onto the Admin Server anymore. Is there anyway around this problem? Believe it or not we keep our passwords in a filemake database, but it appears somebody didn't update the database.
  4. I was afraid you would ask for that. Unfortunately the database is not a local copy. It has been uploaded to FileMaker server. Our Server Admin guy can't remember the password to the FileMaker Admin so we can't get a local copy right now. (He is busy). Maybe tomorrow. Thanks for offering to look.
  5. I have been struggling for over a week to solve this problem and I am hoping somebody can see my problem. I am trying to get a beginning balance calculation to work. I have a doantions table, disbursement table and a cause table. The cause table keeps tracks of what a donation was given towards. I need to get a calculations that will show me the beginning balance for each Cause. This would be Donations minus Distributions for each Cause Code (ProjectID). I have created a calculation that shows me the beginning balance for donations in one field BegBal_R. This is based on what reporti
  6. I got it figured out! I created a field RptMtYr that concatenates ReportYear and ReportMonth. Then I created a field DonationMtYR that concatenates Year and Month of Donation_Date. Then I edited my calculation to:If(DonationMtYr ≠ RptMtYr;Amount;" ") Now it display all previous donations except the report month specified.
  7. Hello, I have a database that tracks donations by donor and by the cause they donated to. I need to create a report that will show a specified month's total donations in one column and the summary of all prior donations in another column. Eventually I will have total balance column which would add those two fields together. I have created two global fields; ReportMonth and ReportYear that allows the user to select the month and year to print. I have created a calc field called RptMtDonations. It has this calculation:If(Year(Donation_Date) = ReportYear and MonthName(Donation
  8. I have created a subsumary report. I have field called Disbursements that shows the amt disbursed for different projects. The summary field is DisbursementSum which sums the total of Disbursements. Disbursements is a numeric field that is indexed. The sub summary part it is sorted by location. The summary field of DisbursementSum is not showing any data. I am viewing it in preview mode. Any ideas what I did wrong? Thanks in advance for any assitance.
  9. I have two tables: Cause and Disbursements. In Disbursments I have a primary ID. In Cause table I have a Foreign key field that I want to reference the primary ID in Disbursements. I was hoping to create a relationship between these two tables based on Primary ID(disbursements) and Foreign ID(Cause). The foreign key does not seem to be populating with primary key data. What is the best way to get that to happen or to create a relationship between these two tables.
  10. Fitch, Thank you so much! That was the answer I was searching for! I had tried something along those lines, but I kept spinning in circles and wasn't getting anywhere, but frustrated. I love FileMaker. It is a cool program and I am looking forward to learning more. RM
  11. Hello, I am new to FileMaker and I am trying to create summary report. I have a donations database. I have a Donation table that tracks Amount, Date, donationID, etc. I have Cause table that has LocationID, Project_CodeId and CauseId that the donation was given towards. I have created a relationship between these two tables based on Primary Cause Id and Foreign Cause ID in the Donation table. I have a summary field called Amt_Sum that summaries the Total of the Amt field. In my report, which is based on the Cause Table, I have it sorted by Location Number and then Project Code. I
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