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  1. I cant get the paper size correct, or for filemaker to properly control the printer... consistently from a script... in the print setup/print dialogs. Should I find it strange that if I set print settings in print setup, those same settings do NOT appear when I select print? I am giving up. My current work-around is enter preview, create a pdf, open the pdf in Acrobat, and then print the pdf from Acrobat.... obviously a bad solution. If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.
  2. ...so, I have narrowed it down to the paper size in the print driver.... I have probably not had the opportunity in a few years or so about how I hate, hate. hate HATE, HATE.... the fm print driver setup... espescially with clients accessing the solution on a server... and those clients having all different print setups. At the moment... when I chose a page size... I cant get it to save that page size... Joys of FM print engine.... I think that is what it is.... if I can get the proper size to "stick"... it appears to work.
  3. I have.... or else the subpart summary would not show in browse/preview mode... or show in the pdf.
  4. I have a sub summary part that appears on top of the body that does not print. The sub summary part appears properly (with the proper data) in browse and preview mode. In preview mode, if I save to pdf, the sub summary part appears correctly in the pdf. When I print it.... nothing. I believe it has something to do with th FM print.... I am doing everything through a script. I stopped the script and changes a bunch of setting... changed printers.. changed back... no clue what... and it actually printed. But.... when I closed that window... back to nothing. Any
  5. I am trying to design a recursive field that will give me an IRR of an investment. To calculate IRR, I have to understand recursion. As a guide, I downloaded this very good example.... but do not understand it, Let( $i = $i + 1 ; Middle( "abcdefghkjilmnopqrstuvwxyz" ; $i ; 1 ) & If ( $i < EndLoop ; ¶ & Test ; Let( $i = "" ; "" ) ) ) Can someone explain to me was "Test" does? I feel silly... but can find no documentation on it. And what does the "Let( $i = "" ; "" )" do? Thanks, #1 Solved... Test is the field name... hence the recursion
  6. SOLVED!!! My data had gotten so big, a transaction counter had added a digit which made the data in that field 1 digit longer than the field length. ...sure wish there was a log that told me that rather than searching for it for 3 days :-(
  7. Hey Guys... suddenly, after several months, I can't add transactions to my mysql database. Periodically, I will offload transactions from my filemaker table to a mysql table (once the filemaker table has > 500,000 transactions). The import to the mysql table takes place in a script. I started getting a 729 import error on the mysql table import. (729 = Errors occurred during import...) So... I manually tried to import and -0- records imported. The "Import Summary" reads: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total records
  8. SOLVED. I did not understand Commit properly. I thought Commit committed all records in all open windows. What I am doing is creating a new window for phone, creating the record, and then selecting back to the company window leaving the separate phone window open (but uncommitted). I was then executing commit while the company window was selected. I now execute commit while on the phone window before selecting back to the company window. Problem solved.
  9. Hey guys I am having a very wierd problem. I am on FM Server 12 with FM Pro Adv client. I build a record in "Company" and give Company a unique key, say Company.Key I then build a record in "Phone" and give Phone the Company.Key So. Company::Company.Key = Phone::Company.Key The tables WILL NOT relate until after I go in and change something on the database. So, say I am on the company form with a portal to phone. After I build the records, the portal is blank. I go in to the database, change something, save, come back to the company form, and voila, the portal
  10. OMG. That's embarrasing!! Thanks a lot, comment!!!
  11. I am getting an error importing my xml with my custom stylesheet. Where am I going wrong? I am importing the following xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <schools> <school> <name>Abraham Lincoln High School</name> <type>public</type> <enrollment>402</enrollment> <city>Denver</city> <state>CO</state> <districtId>55</districtId> <district>School District No. 1 In The County Of Denver And State Of C&
  12. CCBtx

    XML/XSl Help

    Excellent. Thank you so much, Comment. As usual... works like a charm.
  13. CCBtx

    XML/XSl Help

    Can someone help me with the following: I want to extract <loc>, <lastmod> and <priority> from this xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <urlset xmlns="http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9"> <url><loc>http://www.myurl.com/</loc><lastmod>2014-04-03T15:51:51-05:00</lastmod><priority>1.0</priority></url> <url><loc>http://www.myurl.com/for-sale/TX/100/79109/173-Main-094451242</loc><lastmod>2014-04-07T03:09:00-05:00</lastmod><priority>0.7</priority></ur
  14. Found the Answer: Substitute "&amp;" for "&" inside the quotes.
  15. I am importing XML data. If I want to import the URL of the following XML: <charts> <chart> <name>Median Condo Value</name> <url>http://www.zillow.com/app?chartType=affordability_avgCondoValue&graphType=barChart&regionId=11093&regionType=6&service=chart</url> </chart> Then I use this select statement: <COL><DATA><xsl:value-of select="//charts/chart[name='Median Condo Value']/url"/></DATA></COL> Here is my question. I want to import a Data element that ha
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