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  1. thanks a lot. well explained and very helpful. Think it might be out my range right now, but i'm gonna give it a go
  2. Hi, I'm stuck with a ormula and although I can get it to work using loads of if statements I'm hoping there is a easier way. Basically as a practice project I want to make a program that can work out the best poker hand from data entered. I've got all my fields set up (flop1, flop2, river, etc) and I have used the case statement and lots of AND and OR's to get it to pick up pairs, trips, etc but I'm thinking there must be a easier way than listing all possible combinations? Also I can't think of how I would use this method to pick up the straights, etc. So far I have not i
  3. that works great - thanks a lot. could i ask you one more favour if you have a minute? I'm not learning anything by just using your script unless i understand it. Could you explain the first 2 steps so i can use them in future - especially what $CntID is Thanks.
  4. Thanks for you prompt respose. You were correct. I did not have that option checked. I got all excited and checked the boxes but it has not solved my problem. Any other ideas?
  5. I'm still learning my way round filemaker relational tables and i have found this forum great help but I have hit a wall I have a contacts table and a quotes table and I want a "new quotes" button on the contacts page so that when you hit the button it takes you to the quotes layout and populates the contact id fk field (so that you dont have to enter the contact details again. A helpful soul on this site sent me a sample file and it worked exactly how i wanted and i have studied it over and over again but even though I think I have set mine up in the same way it does not seem to wo
  6. I've had bit more time to look at this and although it solves my company/contact problem now it seems to have messed up my relationship with the order table The problem now is that on the order layout although the choose company drop down menu works, it does not populate the company details fields once you have selected the company. Also I only want to show the relevent contacts and not all the contacts in the contacts dropdown field. I've attached my file to illustrate the issue. Can you also answer another question please so that I understand this issue better. When yo
  7. I've got a company details table / database with each company having a unique company code. At the moment the field is set so that it auto enters a serial number with a increment of 1 each time but what i really want is to generate a unique company code based on the name of the company. for example a company called microsoft would have a code of MIC01 and if you added a company called microwidget that would be called MIC02. Does that make sense? Basically I want to take the first 3 letters of the company name and a number (or whatever the best way is to do this) Thanks
  8. Thanks a lot, that seems so obvious now that you have told me. Can;t belive I missed the obvious. That seems to have solved my problem. One last question though - instead of having to choose the company, can i bring the name of the company accross from the company page (when using the "new contact" button on the company page).
  9. I'm a newbie to FileMaker but I'm enjoying the chalenge I've come up against the following problem: I'm building a application to generate quotes/orders and invoices. I'm progressing nicely with learning how to work the scripts, etc(thanks to this forum mostly) but I think I have made a mistake in my relationships. I have a company table and a contacts table and when I start a new order I can select the company and contact using drop downs. My problem is that any company can and does have more than one contact and I can't work out how to associate a contact with a partic
  10. Thanks John. I'll take a look when I get home and let you know how it turns out.
  11. Hi everyone. I'm hoping someobody can help me get over my first major hurdle so that I can continue getting to grips with this great looking package. I recently aquired Filemaker 8.5 and started playing around with it mainly for fun but also to see what it can do (and becuse I like learning new things). I bought some training guides and have been working my way through them but I have hit a wall and I know the answer must be staring at me in the face but I have spend days trying to work it out to no avail. Basically I have 3 tables (so far). The first table is the contacts table
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