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  1. Hello, i am creating an inventory database to store item stock as well as keep track of suppliers. I currently have a portal that shows all available supplier parts No's and prices. I print barcodes that go with each of these items to be places below the item on the shelf. I would like to include the manufactures part number and price as well. The problem is FileMaker chooses for itself what supplier link to use, currently the supplier name and part number do not reflect the same record (BAD). Right now it chooses the lowest SupplierID and lowest SupplierPartPricesID, not neccessarily from the
  2. thanks comment, I think that may work and it would be good to eliminte the executable to create a better put together project. I have been trying to figure out the reason for the exe failing. i have come to the conclusion. I have the database frontend and back end in c:/Filemaker Databases and have two sub directories that the barcode scanner must use as c:/Filemaker Databases/ToPhaser and FromPhase both one level below the main database. i have an exe in both folders that have to be ran. one for exporting valid users and the other to receive and parse the data. I have found that if
  3. Well im not sure that i knew xml could be used for this. i need a solution to read a file with spaces and "|" delimiters. then it needs to delete the file it read after backing it up. here is my code for the ParsePartsControl.exe string sLine; string ControlID, PersonnelID, TransactionType, RequestorID, Value, Day, Month, Year, Hours, Minutes, Seconds, TimePostfix; string[] lineParsed = new string[20]; System.Console.WriteLine("Set Settings"); StreamWriter outputFile = new StreamWriter("ParsedPartsControl.csv");
  4. Hello, I am using FileMaker Advanced and have been having some problems with the Send Event Script command for windows xp. I am attempting to execute a program to parse a file into csv for importing. It is written in C# 2005. The problem is it is intermittent on wether it will throw an error. The program works perfect when i execute it manually. The problem is that after closing filemaker and openting up the script i have to redefine the file reference of the exe in order for it work work. if i skip that step then it will throw an error with my application. The EXE does not use the command lin
  5. Hello again, I took your advide Old Advance Man, i talked with our manager and he has decided that eventually we will be going for a whole mine solution. and so we are purchasing a server and site licence pack. my question is what are the differences technical wise (other than the ammount of user who can log in) of FM Server Pro and advanced. Also while were at it between FM Pro and Advanced Since we are getting the server is it easyer to manage users with the server rather than in the filemaker file itself. i have tried fentons examble but i seem to be stuck at one state where is wil
  6. Well thanks for all of the comments and Pooh-Bah I will definitely find you example. Well right now we are starting as a small database with few people only managers and data entry personnel with access. They will be run on dedicated computers. This is we will also be tracking part usage and I would like each mechanic to have a username and pass so that I can track changes. But all mechanics don’t have their own computer so at the part warehouse we will have the computer with the barcode reader and they log in and scan the part. That’s about it. So we don’t have the resources to be giving
  7. Hello, i have build a database with the two file schema, one for front end and relations and the back end with only the data tables. this is just so i can do updates to the program without modifying the database itsself. I not have come into the problem that i would like to secure it. i would like to have custom accounts for each type of user and many users itself ( < 100 ) maby 1 or 2 on at once within out local network. there is no real security risk with people viewing the data so much as it is just machine reports and inventory. but i would like to prevent from accidental cha
  8. well if i am understanding you correctly you want to add a new record to a portal. there are two ways of doing so, the latter one i learned today for my own application. First method to add a new portal record is in browse mode you click on the last empty record and it will automatically create a new one The Second method was a work around for me as with data entry in the web it cant detect my clicking. so i made a script that would set the curser to inside Go To Portal Record[select; Last] That seems to work for me in my application. if anyone has a better method
  9. Hi again, i now would like to just ask some developer professionals ( Anyone on this form ) how they use drop down lists with normalized tables. is the only main method to hide the dropdown index with a name field on top. Also i was wondering if someone could point me to some code that when someone clicks on the drop down but not neccessarily on the triangle it would pop down the list. this just makes it so the autocomplete works for me. Thanks for the time. Patrick Glass
  10. Thanks for the reply, i do have a drop down list with a name field over top of it. but the autocomplete feature does not work how i would like it, i want to be able to see what ive typed and have it do a filtering. Access has a much better solution for the drop down it seems. it will still only have the numbers to write in. i also have show only second field however if i were not to have the text file over top of the listview it would still only show a number of the ID value. Thanks
  11. Hello, i am very new to FileMaker and this will be my first database. I am creating a maintenance Database for our company to organise maintenance reports. I already have a complete solution in MS Access. i found filemaker and loved the idea of being to be able to do data entry over the intranet. Now onto my situation. it seems my background in access had led me in the wrong direction. i currently have two tables, :Equipment -EquipmentID -EquipmentTypeID -EquipmentName ::EquipmentType -TypeID -TypeName They are linked on Type Fields ie CM11 is a Continu
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