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  1. guess i see what your going for now, thanks.
  2. the tricky part is that i used Type and Contry to generate the long description currently so Type and Country are in the first Table (records) why wound i need them in what is basicly a table to make getinng the long description simplier need to reference 2 fields (ie isn't matching Records::type, Records::Country to Description::Type, Description::country a obtuse design?)
  3. In my DB i have a calculation field that i feel could be streamlined into a seperate table and reference instead of a complex calculation but i'm not sure how and thought someone might have ideas.
  4. i created a 3rd table for the issue name. Hope you don't mind but i feel that this similar calculation field could be streamline but i'm not sure how and thought you might have ideas since its similar to the issues name field
  5. yeah i see that now, i had totally forgotten about the legacy field that had been replaced by relationship based calacuations. i removed it fro mthe relationship graph, deleted the legacy fields and updated the calucations liek remainin to be based on the other caculations not the legacy fields and it fixed everything Thanks! It's always the little thing that mess you up isn't it? :)
  6. but the only errors field in Records is Errors Cacluation which just counts the errors in the related issues list if you mean the entry in the database "errors" thats a legacy field which was a manual calculation it only exists in the manager db not in any live data (atleast not intentionally)
  7. just chanced error to a number field no change and yes every single field in the issues sent DB has data with the exception of Sent on, (some are blank there) but Blank Sent On are in working entries as well as not working ones.
  8. i thought about that but if you check my sceen shot the blank entries all read 0 or 1
  9. there is lies the problem of a legacy system, weve been tweaking and building on the same database we used back in 2007 when we got filemaker. your probably right we should probably have a table for the issues data as opposed to a caculation but that's less inportant then getting all data to show up which is the problem the portal is having now.
  10. Errors (in issue sent) is set to either 0 or 1 and represents basically a "error" in sending that issue when calculating total issues sent (Not to be confused with the total issues in a subscription) the idea was to add up the values in the "sent" field, and subtract the errors so error calculation tabulates all errors for that subscriber with a value of 1 (at least that was my logic) Basically every subscription has these values Total issues for that term ie 6 issues a year Duration of the term ie 12 months issues per months ie .5 for 1 issue every 2 months. Then
  11. ok, sorry about that, clone is attached. I just didn't want to create a file that wouldn't be of any help. Thank you for your time and any insight this may provide. Subcribers_Clone.fp7.zip
  12. i don't see how a clone will help since some records are showing up and some aren't (even with the same company ID) and i cant release our private database for trouble shooting a relationship problem. i mean don't you need the records intact to figure out whats going wrong?
  13. i have the most bizarre bug with my database. its a 2 table database for a magazine (subscribers details and issues sent out) and for some reason a random grouping of them are not relating to the subcriber table. See attached the sentID is the id of the enty in the issues table and as you can see theirs no consistency i have late entries in the 1000 range, 900, 600, heck even 30s and 17 range going up blank Company id is the id from the subscriber table and even thought the id is valid its not loading the subscriber record. All the other field are identical to fie
  14. LLX


    cant really look at the file atm but lets cover the basics the portal I want it to display the team name >>this is easy enough enough, if you get the team Database ID to load in the portal just change it to load the TEam Name field the 4 shooters names on that team with their individual score, >> your portal should be a sort of the individuals DB so it sould lod for each record a list of individuals matching team id
  15. LLX


    Same FILE but a different database, a single FM file can have multiple databases the TEAMID should be limited to something that wont change and isn't complex (ie spaces and special characters) this is best performed by using a auto enter Serial number in your TEAM Database it's then a simple matter of usingthe same ID in the individuals if you want the individual records to show the TEAM NAME when your printing the file just make sure in the layout the teamID isn't visable and you reference TEAMS name it will look something like :Team Name or TEAMS::Team Name in
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