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  1. I think I've just figured it out on my own. I changed the other field (with multiple entries) that relates to the single field to a static field. The script has to loop, but it works, and that's what counts. Thanks for your help anyways!
  2. I made a new static date field, with the same data (added by script), and it still gives the same error. Now it's two regular date fields, but it still won't let me add me new records through the portal.
  3. Thanks for your help, I've gotten it to work.
  4. I am working in a script and want to find a record whose field equals a certain value. How can I view the results of this search and determine if there were results at all from within a script? Would I have to enter find mode, etc.?
  5. Is there any way to fix this? The calculation there is pretty much necessary.
  6. No this is not from a script. I'm trying to add a new record in a portal. The blank row shows like it should, but when you try to edit it, it shows an alert with the error. This happens with every field in the record, so it can't be an individual problem.
  7. Filemaker is telling me that it cannot change a record because it is not modifiable. I have checked every option I can think of to make sure that it is modifiable. I am not allowed to change only when the record is new, and in a portal. The portal will show the empty row to add a new one in, but I am not allowed to edit it. Does anybody know why this would happen?
  8. Wow, that simple. I didn't realize that you could subtract from a date format. That does return a date string right?
  9. I'm working on a filter feature which goes by week. It currently indexes by the week number (1-52), but visually, I want it to show the date of the week's sunday, as in "Week of Sunday 8/13/05" I had made a calculation field that found today's date, then finds the day of the month. Then it subtracts the difference between the current day of the week and sunday (1). The problem is that if today is Friday the 2nd, the Sunday of this week would be in the previous month. That would mean having to distinguish between leap years and non leap years, and how many days each month has. Is ther
  10. Whenever I try to print from something in form view, it prints every single record. Is there any way to just print the current record? I was trying to use Get(RecordNumber) in scripting, but I can't figure out how to apply that to print options dynamically.
  11. Unless something got messed up when it was coverted, that file isn't really dynamic. I changed the location on one, and it would not update to the other. Also, there was no real file listing all the nav items, it still had to be updated. Is there even a way to do this without starting over?
  12. Thanks for you help. Actually, there are going to be alot of changes to nav in the future, and a logo needs to be put in, etc. Can I go through each one individually now and change it so that global changes can be made in the future?
  13. I'm using filemaker 8.5 pro, and I have started with one of the creative pro job tracking templates. After making lots of changes, I now realize that it is necessary to add another table, which means another tab, etc. This would mean changing the nav menu on every single layout, a painstaking task. Is there any way to automate this task by only changing one part, and having it update the others by automation?
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