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  1. If you assign your license to a user on your cloud. Can i unassigned them, assigning to another. I am FMP13 real newbie to v19
  2. out of touch.. working now to update or rewrite? Hello, i have this completed win7 32 bit FMPro 13 code & running if i update my FMP engine to version 19 will my app run DESKTOP STILL as is? Partly run? I know i have some code issues running windows 10 in 64 bit to debug i choose to subscribe to Cloud i am some what confused Can i run dome my app in desktop and some portions using cloud ? i have a large FMP 13 no need to put on Cloud but be nice to add cloud for some remote FM USERS options I will probably need more info where do i start migration Videos, here? TIA
  3. Hello fellow FMers ..looking to discuss or find a person group that see my 30 years effort in my telephone answering call center business what i got here to the next stage. I am 77 years... that means slowing down can’t learn do everything and i am not greedy. Actually i am trying to get ahead start... before i am so rich... money talks down the road, actually thats where i am coming from, going too. 1) Integrate RingCentral & other REST to voip systems I have already connected to operated REST with 2 other clients unknown voip providers 2). add cloud operators options MASTAR.com 30+years EugeneStar.com portfolio Any interesting parties DM me, lets talk about it
  4. Been awhile... i am still using version 12 Where can i post question pertaining to compilng my project to another drive folder.using Utilities Question... i used to have option to store project to a external hard drive I see the drive using the image logo option...on left lets me select a drive to find a file, Whereas where to store project does not let me select drive??????? any ideas it used to
  5. Hello I need a hint.. I have a file with to many fields I only need to report on a half dozen fields How can I do that to text or PDF Thanks
  6. Watched your dialing video.. some humor was nice... Do you know of anyone Filemaker IWP, (using REST.api), then connectivity to any VoIP providers supporting REST.. I am especially interested in Twilo too? Thanks Rod Minarik
  7. Dumb/// thinking import, that i am used to using... replaced with the INSERT FILE command... fixed my problem... I am done... got it.. thanks for the blackboard and support
  8. Hi again... Attrib for file name is blank.. size =? So I must be doing something wrong container field is on my current layout I go to Container field In my code stepping through Import... *.* file is blank (so it allows me to browse, select and find a csv file in a folder) Import i can see and acknowledge it import to select container dummy field 22 csv records fine no errors Using get container attributes renders a blank field name Looking for a clue? TIA again
  9. thanks... still use the container method... but follow through using attributes
  10. I have a bunch of csv files normally stored in certain folders Similar like import to a container... where I can let the operator select browse, select a file, stuff it in a container How can I browse, select a file and get its filename.. and stuff it in a text field kind of stumps me?? TIA Rod My current process, operator using OS, find file.. click to rename, so I can copy filename to clipboard.. then right click paste filename to my text field is clumsy
  11. Final thks all Add// my compiled runtime MAC compressed zip is 59M verses Windows zip is 35M for same project
  12. i been a windows guy, just got a mac having some diff 1 i use a container field.. can right click and paste clipboard tried alt, apple button.. instead of shift and still can't get a copy paste cut those kinds of things.. please point me to the right direction for reading these kinds of differences this
  13. Thanks.. I am new to mac these Package files/// I see Comparing Windows.. my app when zip has +-180 files... using the Mac Using the option to compress to a zip extension file... increments up to compressing +-2700 files Whats going on here... just that Mac has more files and larger runtimes I am wondering ? Is this Mac compression to a zip a real zip/// why i ask.. I downloaded a real zip...and got a error say no program known .. when clicking on a downloaded known zip Thinking in need to get a mac zip/unzip app now
  14. I am familiar with Windows runtime has dlll's etc on root folder doing my first runtime using apple my app runs.. but looking aound where are the runtime files or using finder.. there hidden.. thats how new i am to mac..
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