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  1. I apologize in advance if this is not the place for this question, but here I go. My organization wants to make a searchable online database of objects that we record in a FileMaker database - basically we want people to search our objects by artist, style, etc. Our problem is that we are not sure what programs are necessary to mitigate the information from the FM database to the web. Does FM Server or Server Advanced fulfill this function? Our current webmaster wants us to buy a program to mitigate our FM data into a MySQL database, then another two programs to organize the inform
  2. Wowie wowie, you're right. I just did a tutorial from filemakeradvisor. So if I understand this correctly - if there is no relationship, then all the layout parts in a database refer to just one record. If there is a relationship, with each table having its own seperate layout, then each layout holds its own records?
  3. Wouldn't that create a new record automatically in the student layout? Which would then remain empty because you never meant to create a new record there in the first place?
  4. Hello, I am trying to get the relationship thing down, and one thing I don't understand is how to keep two tables in one database, when you want to create new records for each table one at a time. One of the most often used examples when trying to explain how to build relationships between tables is that of students and classes. I understand that you'd want one table for students containing all the relevant student id (unique id #, name, address, etc.), one for classes (all relevant class info like the title, time it takes place, as well as the unique id) and a join table (like en
  5. I'm not sure if this is the place for it, but I wanted to toss out a question to those of you who do this for a living - did take extensive classes in it, or did you learn on your own? Do you have degrees in Computer Engineering or something similiar?
  6. Just so I can learn how to do this multiple ways, I am also trying the portal route...let me know if I am way off here - I tried to set it up by have a self join through the field "decorative process options." It is a pop-up field attached to a value list of all the decorative process options we have. However, I can only select one item to show up on the portal - I try selecting multiple, and instead of adding it, it just replaces what I had selected previously. I know I am doing something (many things?) wrong, the question now is what?
  7. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I just tried LaRetta's and it worked like a dream, except I can't delete the selections once they've been made... does anyone know what to do about this? I asked LaRetta, but she (or he? ) is traveling and suggested I post it here to see if I could get some other feedback. Thanks!
  8. Hello, Where I work we have a database of items, and when possible, we note how things are made. Instead of having people free hand write down what the decorative processes of an item are, we want them to choose from a menu listing the processes (like cross-hatching, stippling, incising, etc). The purpose of this is maintaining vocab control. Is there a way to choose multiple options from a drop-down menu? I want the user to be able to choose as many options as they need, but without have to show the entire long list of terms on the page (like I know I can choose multiple things us
  9. Hello, I have two linked databases that my boss would like to take home with her to work on. One is huge (153 MB), because we store images on there, and my computer freezes up while trying to burn it - I was just wondering from you experienced people what the best way to work around this is - to take off the pictures maybe and just save the written data?
  10. Whenever I import from excel, filemaker will take all the blank spaces at the end of my excel sheet and create a ton of blank records - what can I do to keep this from happening? Thanks for reading this!
  11. Something like that would be perfect! Here is what I have done so far to get myself there - I joined my invoice and contact management database by the field "full name." I then set up a value list in the invoice database that pulls values from the fields "full name" and "city" from the contact management database. My question now is - Is there a way to type into the the full name field in my invoice database, and as I am typing, have it jump down the list to automatically match the name? What I am trying to keep from doing is having to scroll through 10,000 contact names starting from "a."
  12. Hello, I have two databases, Invoices and Mailing, each with one table. What we want to be able to do is link our invoices and mailing databases together. We figured the easiest way to do this is to link them through the full name field. So ideally, when someone buys something, we will enter their full name and their corresponding mailing information will pop up, assuming they are on our mailing list. This is all well and good, and I could join the databases in a heartbeat if it weren't for one problem - obviously there are many people who share the same full name. What I don't
  13. I thought so, thank you very much for clarifying that for me.
  14. Also, I forgot to add, if I already have 500 records with embedded images, is it going to be a huge pain to change that to a calculation that fetches it from another folder?
  15. I heard that using embedded images will bog down a database and slow it up. Right now I only have about 500 records in my organization's db, but its going to grow, so definitely I am concerned about this. Some people in my industry use a type of database software where you can store the image in a spreadsheet and have the program grab that image. Is something similiar possibly in filemaker and will that save my database from a sluggish fate?
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