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  1. this is the machine dmaserver02.ftpaccess.cc How to map the internal ip to the external ip? I have a netgear router WGR614 v5 Thank you very much
  2. 1 I am trying to see the database on the internet outside the lan [lan is working fine] but when I put the ip address xx.xx.xx.xx:591 or the dyndns account myfilexx.cc:591 it does not show up I have setup in the machine Mac OS X also http inside folder /Library/Webserver to publish simple websites and I can see them 2 Is it possible to have also IWP and FileMaker Server running same time?
  3. I want when I make the link in the protocol to make association between different [P] for example a [P] has many [PT], one of this is to have info about printer the same [PT] can be associated to another [P]. Currently I copy the information into another [PT[ of a different [P], instead I want to link it I prefer to keep the same situation like now, separate files
  4. Ok. I got. But my question was also that when I open the Projects file, I actually see the new Project Tasks field associated.
  5. I tried but it does not acept more than 1 entry
  6. Correct. there is field Project name [P] and Project Task [PT] I want to link them. For example a website of t-shirt [inside PT] can be part of many [P]
  7. I have these 2 files connect like relational there is a field called protocol in the Project Tasks (PT) layout Note, that I want to link to Projects (P) you can see I connect them in the view Note Layout [if ask for other file do not need to open just cancel] the thing I cannot do is to put more option of the protocol field or add more Projects to a Project Tasks like 3-4 different for example a field about movie 0056 can be connect to politics 0042 or internet 0044 Any solution? DMAProjects.zip
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