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  1. that's very interesting – thanks so much for digging that out.
  2. for some odd reason our contacts database defaults to "records being browsed" in the print dialog box. it used to default to "current record". this is happening only on one machine (which is serving the database to other macs in the office). all the other macs default to current record. any brilliant suggestions? best wishes max
  3. we are a post production facility and keep a database of every commercial we make. they are stored on dat as well as wavs and high rate mp3s on an attached drive. i'd like to have the database listings (see attached picture) linked to the actual audio files so i can simply click on a title to hear it. the caveat is that i don't want to embed (if that's the right word) the files into the database or it would become unnecessarily large, i simply want to have the title of each commercial pointing to a location on a hard drive. is this possible?
  4. thanks to both of you. john that worked great. baylah, now that i've got it to a reasonable size i'll have a fiddle with it and see what i can achieve.
  5. our contacts database always opens up full screen (which on a 20" imac is a lot of white space) whereas our invoicing databases open up to approximately a4 size. can i restrict the contacts file to open much smaller? the empty file is here if somebody wants to have a look at it: http://www.redfacilities.com/fm/ContactsEmpty.fp7.zip many thanks max
  6. the 'no password' thing is weird – you'd think it meant there er.. wasn't a password as opposed to the password being 'no password'. anyway that's fixed it. thank you SO much.
  7. i don't have as fm6 but i do have the original fm5 (ie xxx.fp5) version. any use? http://www.redfacilities.com/Master_DAT_Archive.fp5.zip
  8. thanks lee. i'd checked the finder permissions on the file and all was good. it's a mystery as to why i can't get this file to work. i can export the files as tab delimited and then create a new fp7 doc and import them all but it's a bit of a pain. if you think it might help (and if you have the time) i can post the file somewhere and let you have a look at it. many thanks max
  9. thanks for the replies. afaik there has never been a password on this file. and if i enter admin as the login i can't get in. i suspect i may have to export the files and start over.
  10. hi i've just bought fp 8.5 and 5 licences so we can share stuff around our new office. we have 20 or so small database files (fp5) and two larger ones (around 1.2 mb each). the small files have all converted without a hitch but the two larger ones open up after conversion with a dialog box asking for account and password details. i've tried entering my mac account login and password (didn't work obviously) and using Admin and no password didn't work either. the files open in fp6 with no password so why would fp8.5 want one? and how do i go about removing this restriction?
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