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  1. THAT WAS IT! May a bounty of blessings shine upon you for many days. Back story: I'm trying to upgrade from FMP v6 (yes, I know . . .) and I'm having to literally recreate everything. It's rather painful but will be worth it when I'm done. Thank you so much.
  2. A CLUE: I think this might have something to do with renaming my files as I save my progress while building this database (ie. Domains and Domains2. That being said, I'm still asking to open a file that really does exist.
  3. File name: Domains Script has one simple step: Open File called Invoices.
  4. Both files are in the same folder. And it FMP can't find it, then why does it open anyway?
  5. If the file is already open, it is brought the front. If the file is closed, FM says, "The script cannot be found or has been deleted." The only option is to click "Okay." Then, the requested file opens and displays another error: "The previous script step, “Open File”, could not be completed because of an error. Do you wish to continue with this script? Option to Continue or Cancel. What the heck and I doing wrong and is there an error log somewhere that I can access?
  6. By George I think she's got it! ~ My Fair Lady (1965 movie) Thanks ever so much.
  7. I wrote the original question and these responses don't make much sense to me. The dates 3/1/2010 and 1/3/2010 ARE often misunderstood by my international customers. I need to generate an email from within FM using this field: Date of Next Invoice = 8/1/2010. Right now, the field is set up as an "Auto-enter Data."
  8. I know how to change the way a date displays in FileMaker -- 4/17/2010 and April 17, 2010. That's NOT my question. I want to send a email from FM with date displayed as April 17, 2010 so that international customers can easily understand it.
  9. I knew I was making this more complicated that it needed to be. Thank you very much!
  10. I need to create a new series of sequential invoice numbers for my existing database of several thousand records. Must start with a letter (i.e. A6001, A6002, etc. I know how to do it for new records, but how do I make this happen for exiting records?
  11. I gave up on Thunderbird and started using Mac Mail instead. Thanks for all of your feedback.
  12. This looks interesting, but I need to generate a customized message from Filemaker that captures the data from other fields in Filemaker such as domain name, user name, password, etc. At first glance, your examples don't seem to work for this.
  13. Thanks for the example. I was successful in using the Open URL script to launch Thunderbird and send a blank message. My next step is to generate the customized message that I was using the Send Mail script for. I'll be scratching my head and experimenting over the next few days and let you know what I find. Again, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  14. You give me hope. How do I use Go To URL to open Thunderbird?
  15. I'm switching from Eudora to Thunderbird and I just discovered that FileMaker will not run with Thunderbird as the default email client. Now can't send messages generated from Filemaker. Anyone know of a workaround for this?
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