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  1. are you sure it will work? and if yes.. is this step my problem?
  2. this is a piece of the script i use: commit records/requests [] set variable [$id_paper; value:paper:id_paper] if [count(import::id_paper)=0] go to layout ["paper_import_add"(import)] new record/request set next serial value [import::id_import;import::id_import+1] set field [import::id_paper;$id_paper] set field [import::date;get(currentdate)] set field [import::DL_from_day;get(currentdate)] set field [import::DL_number;0] set field [import::supplier;"init"] set field [import::sheets_count;0] set field [import::ICOD_P;getastext(import::id?paper)&" "&a
  3. i have problems with my database, but i don't know, what is it caused by. i have some fields in my database that are auto enter serial numbers and i have some scripts to change them. i thik they are somewhere wrong. for some time everything was working well, but then it started to do some things and i don't know why. when the ID field have to have for example value 45 it jump to value 3 and because this field have to be unique everything has crashed. do you know about some case, when this can be caused? i use a script step 'set next serial value[]' to increment value in some cases, when i nee
  4. i have to say yes as an answer to both your questions sju
  5. one field is an id of a paper and second is a commision number. and if one commision is tegisteret to the current paper, noboby should enter it again... there will be a dialogue box to say it was registered
  6. sju

    dialogue boxes

    can i somehow prevent from dialogue boxes with the script? for example when in the find mode none record was found and there is a dialogue with three buttons and one of them is "cancel" but i don't want to have this button there because it stops the script. what can i do?
  7. sju

    integer not real

    thanks:) sometimes i'm blind...
  8. if it isn't unique, current opened record have to be reverted, 'cos data aren't consistent.
  9. this is not the right soluton cos this field then have to be bisplayed on the layout and i don't want that
  10. i have two fields and they don't have to be unique, but the conbination of these fields have to. i haven't found any other solution than to put them together in a calclation field(getastext(firstfield)&" "&getastext(secondfield)) also another solution is to set field in a script.. what i was trying too. but this is a problem, cos i can set this field only after entering the data and only if user won't use enter key but a button to save the record... and also i don't know, how to prevent from the dialogs, which are shown because of the uniqueness of the field i am setting... so unique
  11. i know about secont option, but it has no effect i want... and i was trying to use your first option, but it doesn't work with all fields, for example if i have a field containing not empty and unique serial number
  12. how can i set the validation of the calculation field? i need to have in a calculation field just unique values
  13. is it possible to disable saving records with enter key? because i need to save records only with hte buttun which resume a script(there i need to check validation of data and then according to it switch the layout). sju
  14. so, why i want to use multiple-files? i think the access to the data should be faster, if you have to open one of three smaller files than one big with amount of data. if somebody want to add an employee, he/she don't need to have possibility to see anything else and if he/she would like to, there can be a button to open other file with data.
  15. ok, thaks.. i' asking because i don't know, if i should have problems later because of that.. mainly when i'll be solving access privileges...
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