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  1. I have a WebDirect application hosted on at an ISP. When users try to access it from outside their corporate network things look fine. When users try access the ISP hosted application from inside their corporate network, the first message that loads is : Could not initialize JavaScriptConnector because no JavaScript init function was found. Make sure one of these functions are defined: com_filemaker_jwpc_iwp_application_AppJavaScriptComponent com_vaadin_ui_AbstractJavaScriptComponent com_vaadin_ui_AbstractComponent com_vaadin_server_AbstractClientConnector What's interesting
  2. For the benefit of the forum I have an update on this problem. After working with Filemaker tech support and trying a number of servers, workstations, browsers and databases I narrowed the problem to using Webdirect from workstations with Kaspersky Pure 3.0 and if I setup an exclusion to not scan the hosting domain then the problem went away. I asked tech support why this wasn't a problem in FMS13 and the tech thought it might have to do with a new "re-logon technology' implemented in FMS14. One technician suggested that Filemaker recommends disabling Antivirus scanning when accessing a Filema
  3. I have a dedicated server that exceeds the server requirements and I recently upgraded from FMS13 to FMS14 but I am experiencing an odd performance problem with WebDirect. Version 14 seems to run faster from all browsers but if I leave a web page for about 1 min and run a different application in the foreground (ie check/respond to email), when I come back to the browser and attempt to continue working in my WebDirect session my page loads extremely slow and the spinning wheel comes displays for about 45 seconds then the page responds. Any ideas what could cause this?
  4. I have an application that works fine with all supported browsers and OS's but I experience problems with the latest Chrome 40.0.2214.69 update on the iPad. In particular, input disappears from a scrolling text box when focus is moved off the textbox to a new input field or button. This isn't a problem with Safari on the iPad, I tried erasing/reinstalling Chrome and I have played with the browser settings. Any ideas?
  5. I thought I had a solution with PHP and ODBC but it appears that Filemaker ODBC doesn't support the SQL "LIMIT" operator. I am working on two solutions 1) think there may be a solution using Lasso and the Knop implementation of a grid control there 2) Some of these grid controls have an option for use of arrays. Unless someone has a successful implementation of PHP/Filemaker grids I will post what I find.
  6. Does anyone know of a free or commercial grid control that works with CWP?
  7. With a small 1mb database this works, with a 20mb database I get "Error Emails could not be sent successfully" This works: Set Variable [$Small, Value:Get (DocumentsPath) & "small.fmp12"] Send Mail [send via SMTP Server, No dialog; To: myEmail@gmail.Com; Subject : "Small Database" ; Message:"Try a Small" ; $Small] This doesn't: Set Variable [$Big, Value:Get (DocumentsPath) & "Big.fmp12"] Send Mail [send via SMTP Server, No dialog; To: myEmail@gmail.Com; Subject : "Big Database" ; Message:"Try a Big" ; $Big] However, if I send it via Email Client the big works just
  8. So is there a restriction on the Send Mail via SMTP script that prevents emailing a database through Filemaker Go?
  9. I didn't know about the "gear option" and now I am interested in figuring out a way to turn that off. I am trying to use the Send Mail Script step and not give the user the ability to input who the database is emailed to because it has sales and market data for someone that doesn't want it to get into competitors' hands. I can use the Send Mail Script to email other files but it seems to give me problems with fmp12. I tired making a copy and changing the file extension but I am still having problems. Beacuase this a mobile app and I can't get on user's iPads I need a way to look at their data
  10. Does anyone know the best way to email a fmp12 database from within filemaker go?
  11. If I email a jpg or a tiff, when I open the email on the ipad and tap/hold the icon for the file in the email then I get a "copy" dialog that will allow me to tap the FM Go container field and "paste". However, if I try to do this with emailed pdf/doc/xls then the dialog from the email says "Open In" but does not copy to the clipboard for pasting into FM Go. Has anyone had any luck with a 3rd party product or technique that will allow emailed pdfs to be inserted into FM Go container field?
  12. I am using the session model and a portal to control navigation. The problem I am having is that if some changes a value that is displayed in the portal then anyone else navigating via that portal can't save changes and gets a message that "portal records have changed". What is more frustrating is that the second user(s) will lose their changes to the record they are working on even though it is a completely different record. Is there a setting to bypass this useless message?
  13. I have a situation where folks are not logging out but closing their browser, then logging back in before the session times out only to find the record they were working on is locked until the session clears via time out. Is there a way to automatically close a user's open sessions while they are logging in?
  14. On Saving a Record the programs does: Commit Go To Field Open Record Request I attached a screen shot that might clarify what I am trying to do. A quick summary of the important fields and tables. Note that "Crew Portal" and "Crew Edit" are the same table but two different intances related back to Session. Session Crew Portal Crew Edit fk_Tour --->> fk_Tour pk_Crew --------------------> pk_Crew 1) Click the portal row and it posts Crew Portal::pk to Session:pk_Crew 2) Session::pk_Crew value then sets a one-to-one relationship in Crew Edi
  15. My implementations is a bit different. I setup a session table that has a foreign key relationship used to display a filtered portal. The contents of the filtered portal contain fields as "buttons" that when clicked a primary key value is posted back to the session table which has another relationship set to another instance of the same table but this relationship is set on the primary key for editing. Session fk -> a bunch of records pk -> the specifc record to edit The problem is that if any of the values are updated that are displayed in the portal,
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