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  1. That is solution which I have as an alternative if i do not find any other solution. I am aiming for more elegant solution which would be system indipendent.
  2. Hi all, i have a pdf stored in container field. Is there anyway to convert it to jpg and export to desktop? I need solution for Windows and Mac. Best regards,
  3. We have the same problem on FM9. It is not useable. Hope that there will be corrections made.
  4. Hi thanks for reply. Yes I would appreciate if you can help me.
  5. Hi. Is it possible to make that users automaticly connect (login) to my database through IWP as guests?
  6. I have found 4D development tool. Has anyone tried it? It seems much more advanced and easier to use than FM! Does anyone have any opinion? Here is link to their site: Link
  7. Problem is because we do not want to put additional pressure on our customer with all things which are needed to buy VLA Filemaker licenses. We want to offer customer our software with filemaker together n complete package but filemaker license does not allow to buy VLA license or AVLA and then offer it to third customer. I understand that FM is oriented in closed workgroups but it has a big potential in producing "foilwrapped" solutions. I know for 3 same cases as our in Italy. They have canceled FM.
  8. So basicly is the price policy aiming elsewhere than letting you producing foilwrapped solutions ... it's aiming at a workgroup putting something together mutually dependent on fresh ideas and ingenuity found between the members of this group. Seen in that light isn't 3500 euro particular expensive for 10 users and a server license, since you otherwise often would have to outsource the production of the needed tool. What could be done to solve your problem of being caught with wrong notions of what filemaker is for a tool? In order to keep things with in the filemaker realm to please your employees lack of qualifications, could it perhaps be the building of browsers in Runtime Revolution and then exploit the ODBC server adv. provides. This is true but otherwise Filemaker is good developing tool. And in my opinion with some price cuts or new products ("Thin client") it could beat other developing tools( Acess,....). Network solutions are still depend on network itself. If network goes down so does solution. In our case this is not the way.
  9. Standalone (you mean runtime?)..if so. This is not an option because solution is used on local network and users need Filemaker software to access remotely to database. Your calculation is right 600 -350 = 250. This is not enough to cover our costs and continue developing solution.
  10. Hi developers. I am CEO of medium size software developing company from EU. I write this post because I have serious thoughts about canceling Filemaker as our primary software deveoping tool. Why? Let me explain. In november 2008 we are about to launch very advanced solution for small and medium size companies. Currently we were making market research and all data shows that we have around 1300 - 1700 potential companies with approximately 4 - 6 users per company. That sums around 5000 to 10000 potential new users. So this is very important solution and opportunity for our company. Where is the problem? The only way to achieve this number of users is that the price of the solution for one user does not exceed 600 EUR. And here is the problem. The price in EU for Filemaker Pro is 350 EUR (without TAX). With these prices we can not compete more and more demanding market. Solution!? There were a lot of rumors that Filemaker will launch so called "Thin client" in which users will be able to open filemaker shared databases, print, export PDF, export XLS, import, send mail,...etc., but won't be able to develop anything. The only purpose of this "Thin client would be to open shared databases in local network and use their full features. The expected price was around 100 EUR. Question for you developers!? Since we are developing mostly for Mac users there is only one way to achieve our goal....and that is that we rewrite this solution to Cocoa (native Mac OS X environment). I am not so happy about this because I (and all our developers) like Filemaker very much...but we can not continue with this price policy. What do you suggest. Is there worth waiting for this "Thin client" or not?? P.S. I do not understand Filemaker. Just in our case it will loose at least 5000 potential new users ( that is for 1.750.000 EUR licenses with current pricing). How many similar cases are there?? Best regards John
  11. FM9 is a disgrase. It is exactly what they say it is "the most dramatic new product line in years"...... I agree with DukeS!!!!!!
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