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  1. Wonderful. Thank you, Comment. It worked great!
  2. Hello everyone, I inherited a database with a field that included the names of contacts in this format: "LastName, FirstName" I know there has to be a simple calculation to reverse that to "FirstName LastName", but I cannot figure this out. Please help. Thanks.
  3. _samuel_

    Buffer Overrun

    The problem was solved after restarting the computer. Thanks.
  4. _samuel_

    Buffer Overrun

    Hello, I need your expert help please. When one of our workers tries to send an email to the found set, he gets this message "Buffer Overrun". What does that mean and how to fix the problem? We use FM 8.5 peer to peer network. Thanks in advance. Samuel
  5. Great! I'm glad to learn about that too. Thank you Linndgberg and again, thank you BruceR. I love this forum. Samuel
  6. Hey, I got it now. Thank you very much for your help!
  7. Thank you BruceR for the reply. Would you please explain a little more? I'm not so bright when it comes to FM. I need a list of all the fields on a specific layout. Thanks again.
  8. Hello, Is there anyway to print a list of the field name on a layout (not the whole database)? Thank you.
  9. Thank you fseipel and LaRetta for your help. I did try what LaRetta suggested and it worked great. Thanks again!
  10. Hello, I have a database with two tables, "Student" and "teacher". On the "Student" layout, one of the fields is "Teacher's Name", which is a a value list using values from the "Teacher" table. I need to add another field "Teacher's Email" that is already on the "Teacher" layout. How do I do that without re-entering the information again? I really appreciate your help. Thanks, Samuel
  11. Great! Thank you Vaughan and Fabrice. This was very helpful.
  12. I have a database on FM Network. The users access the files by clicking on the FM icon on the desktop then choose "Open Remote" from the File menu. Is there a script or an easier way to access the files? I would like to have an icon on the desktop and when clicked it accesses the files. Thanks.
  13. this is brilliant! I like your solution, thank you very much. Samuel
  14. Yes, thank you very much. this is very helpful. Thank you all for your help. Samuel
  15. Thank you for your reply. Is there a script or a way to omit duplicates without deleting them? There are over 900 duplicate records. Thanks, Samuel
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