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  1. Tried this, nothing happened! Basically what the database does is lookup a customer from another database and then when it has been selected it should insert a unique prefix (which is also listed on each customers info)
  2. I have created a database in a previous version of FM7, now I have upgraded to FM9 and some things will not work anymore! I have a field which looks up a value from another database, it is no longer working in FM9, but if I open the file in FM7 it works fine... can anyone explain this? Thanks
  3. It's okay, I've found the password in my keychain hidden on another filemaker login for a different job.... PHEW!
  4. I made a system a while ago and now can't go back in to edit it. When the database is opened it doesn't ask for a password or username.... so cannot access layout in the file. Can anybody help, Manage in the file menu is greyed out also and when I go to open/close in the preferences, it tells me I have insufficient privileges to change.
  5. Thanks! Still have to work out how to do that on a mac. I can export the file and save it to the desktop, but when I use the file:// command it doesn't recognise the file location. I know how to do it on a pc, but the mac works slightly different (no drive names).
  6. elbeardo77

    Open PDF file

    Is there a script I can attach to a button that lets me open a pdf file inserted into a FM file into Acrobat? The only one I found so far is just a script which exports the file out of Filemaker.
  7. I've tried this but it doesn't really work with what I'm doing.
  8. Each customer has their own number, and each numbering runs independantly of each customer. i.e Customer A = CA0010, CA0011, CA0012 Customer B = CB0049, CB0050, CB0051 Can I do this?
  9. I would like to attach a pdf of each job that is completed on our system to the job ticket. Is it possible to embed a pdf into the job ticket after it's creation, so you can quickly click on the pdf on the job ticket to give a quick reference of what the file looks like?
  10. I have a Job ticket db I'm trying to set up. It links to another FM file for customer contact info. I would like it to generate a number on the job ticket every time I create a record. But each customer has it's own prefix, so each customer's numbers would be different to the last. i.e I input the details into the FM job ticket Customer A (CA), so job ticket will produce a sequential no. CA0001 - I then input a new record but with a different customer, Customer B (CB), this job ticket will say CB0001. Is this possible, or do I have to create a different db for each customer so the numbers work indepentently of each other and link back to the original job ticket db?
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