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  1. Thank you Wim!!! That did it... For anyone else... plugins for use with CWP go into: Windows: [drive]:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerWeb PublishingpublishingenginecwpcPlugins Mac OS: /Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/cwpc/Plugins/" I added the plugin, then on my mac server I used cd to get to the directory in terminal and ran this command: sudo chown -R fmserver:fmsadmin BaseElements.fmplugin/ Then rebooted the server.
  2. When I submit this to the server: http://filemaker.domain.com/fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml?-db=fileName&-lay=log2&-script=testbe&-findall With the script testbe consisting of: Go to Layout ["log2" (log)] New Record/Request Set Field [log::result; BE_Version] Set Variable [$$id; Value:log::id] Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [log::id; $id] Perform Find[] A question mark is set to the result field. This script works as expected on FMPA 13 when run from Manage Scripts and when called with PSOS by another script. The version number of the plugin is set to the result in these cases.
  3. Sequence: 1. Sync from Spoke ( File A ) to Hub ( File B ) 2. MirrorSync customization script on the hub ( File B ) has conditions in the "DidUpdate" and "DidInsert" sections which makes a PSOS call to a script ( File B ) which processes that record telling it not to wait for completion. This allows the process to run asynchronous, and allow for a faster sync. 3. The last step of the script running under the PSOS process is Perform Script of a script in a second file ( File C ). Error from that script step shows in the log: Timestamp Information 645 sync Schedule "ScriptName - userNam
  4. Moved the server back to older hardware with OS on RAID 10 SSD, and database files on this http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/SSD/PCIe/OWC/Mercury_Accelsior/RAID) with same server settings getting much better performance. Seems to me the drive situation in the 2013 MacPro was the limiting factor.
  5. True, but your size assumption is off. All combined, I'm over 20gb
  6. So would you decrease the cache size until the logs show less than 100% and then nudge it up just above that level?
  7. 800mb cache saw much better performance yesterday… i don't get it!
  8. Thank you for the reply Wim! The stat was actually elapsed time per call. What other stats besides the cache hit % is memory related? I ask about memory mainly because it is really the only thing in my control besides a different box. In general I am seeing much worse performance than when I was running.... 10.8.5 FMS 13.0v4 Mac Pro Duel 4 core @ 2.93 12 gb ram ( half to fms ). Drive was on a PCI Express SSD ( http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/SSD/PCIe/OWC/Mercury_Accelsior/RAID) Having more ram, and more cores, I am surprised by all this. Thanks again for your well res
  9. Late 2013mac pro 12 core 2.7gHz  OS = 10.9.5  FMS = 13.0v4  Attached graphic shows elapsed wait time on the same piece of hardware and databases with similar number of clients doing simliar day to day work.  Day 1 with 64 gig of RAM ( half to FMS ), and Day 2 with 16 gig of RAM ( half to fms )  All performance metrics look to have improved with less memory. This of course defies my logic.  Does anyone have any insights?  Thank you, Drew
  10. Thank you for confirming your belief of it being a bug.... I have reported it to FMI. I did as you suggested and set the image to the body and it works.
  11. My on first window open script navigates to a layout and hides the menubar and toolbars, and locks zoom to 100%. There is an image set to tile the background. The image is 768 x 929. The body is 768 x 929. Footer is 64pt. It displays perfectly, however when I navigate to another screen and then return to this same layout, the background image does not display. I am attaching a sample file which demonstrates the issue when loaded on FM Go. Any ideas on troubleshooting this? Thanks, Drew testBackground.fmp12.zip
  12. I have a 10mb movie stored in a container. In pro advanced the movie plays automatically as expected. In Go, I cannot even get the movie to play at all. Is this supported in Go? Thanks, Drew
  13. I have attached the below script as an OnObjectTrigger to a field for storing email addresses. The logic works correctly. However, when exiting the field to go to another, even then it exits true, the active field will not change to the next one I tried to put focus on. The field does not have validation on it at the define database level. Any ideas? If [ Let([content = Get ( ActiveFieldContents )]; If(IsEmpty ( content ) or IsValidEmailFormat ( content ) ; 1 ; 0)) ] Exit Script [Result: "True"] Else Show Custom Dialog ["Invalid Email" ; "You have entered an invalid email. Fix it, or remov
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