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  1. We’re having problems with the Server Admin Console and WPE, described below in a memo from our server people. This server hosts a dozen databases that are in use 24-hours a day, so we’d really like to know what we’re doing before we shut it down or do other maintenance steps to end the flaky behavior of the Admin Console and the hourly WPE error messages we’ve been getting. There was a server incident that apparently started the WPE warning and error messages: a backup script malfunctioned and filled the hard drive with extra copies of various files, leading to the Warning 86 disk full error from FileMaker Server. After we cleaned up the drive and restarted the databases, we began getting the WPE Component error messages regularly. Thanks for any advice! FMS9 admin console, FMS Overview display is inconsistent. The Web publishing engine radio button is gray, not green, but the Web Publishing icon in upper left-hand corner shows Web Publishing Engine "On" (dimmed). Have restarted Database Server and Web Publishing using icons in upper left-hand corner. No change in FMS Overview display. But did notice Web Publishing icon change from "On" to "Off" several minutes after restarting Web Publishing Engine. Hosted data bases appear to be unaffected. Data base back ups and consistency checks are OK. Am receiving two FMS warning messages every hour: FMS ERROR wpe1 Some problems were detected in the WPE COMPONENT: COMPONENT IS NOT RESPONDING. FMS WARNING wpe1 Some problems were detected in the WPE COMPONENT: POTENTIAL PROBLEM. Running FMSA9.0.3.326, with IWP on, XML off, XSLT off, ODBC/JDBC on. FM Web Publishing 9.0v2. OSX10.5.8 G5 (3.1) Power PC Dual 2.3GHz, 1 GB memory Java 1.5.0_24
  2. No, we're using a Viewer table, so each user is on their own record.
  3. I have an IWP-hosted database that keep generating the error message "Portal Related Record Contents Have Been Modified" when there are two users working simultaneously. They are both verifying the contents of records displayed in a portal. The individual records have a user account name field and the TO relationship behind the portal requires this field to equal the users account name, so each user only sees records they are supposed to check and verify. They never see or edit each other's records. Each portal row has a button "Verify" which they click, and it runs a script that sets a field in the record displayed in the portal row. They cannot enter any other fields displayed in the portal rows. Yet they interfere with each other, generating the above error message and often hanging up the database requiring it to be closed and restarted. This is FMSA 11 running on Snow Leopard. Anyone know exactly what FileMaker Server is keeping track of here and why it causes a conflict? What's a good way to avoid this conflict, while still using portals?
  4. Update: I did get FMSA 10 to run on Snow Leopard, using a tip from FileMaker to get past the Java "Failed to Validate Certificate" error when starting the FMSA Admin Console. (Knowledge Base Answer ID 7121) Control-Click on the admin_console_webstart.jnlp file, then open the file with /System/Library/CoreServices/Java Web Start. The install of FMSA 10 worked OK after that. Haven't tried FMSA 11 again.
  5. I have just upgraded my MacBook Pro from Tiger to Snow Leopard. I got FMSA 10 to work OK, but when I uninstalled 10 and installed FMSA 11 (from Technet download), I got the error message that it could not connect with the Apache server. I uninstalled FMSA 11, reinstalled FMSA 10, but now the Admin Console won't open to deploy the server. I get an error message "Failed to Validate Certificate. The application will not be executed." I deleted all instances of the admin_console_webstart.jnlp file, downloaded the one again from the FMSA 10 Admin Console Start Page, but still get the error messages. Any ideas?
  6. We are running IWP-hosted FileMaker databases from a server running OS 10.5. We are switching from internal to Open Directory external authentication for most users. Is there any problem if users have identical accounts (same account name and password) in the external group and as internal accounts in a database? This has come up as a transition question, i.e. should we delete or disable the internal accounts as soon as we set up an external account for a given user. The external group is set at the top of the account list in FileMaker so it should be first authentication used when someone logs in.
  7. I want to be able to have users view PDF files through a WebViewer in a FileMaker database. The PDF files are stored on the same server as the database, the path to the file is stored in the database. So the user clicks on the file name visible in the FileMaker layout and a script sets the WebViewer to a PHP program and provides it with the parameters needed to find the file. The PDF is supposed to open in the WebViewer using Adobe Reader (or Acrobat if the user has that). This works fine in Safari, but Firefox downloads the file and opens it in another window. Is there a different PHP method to force the PDF to display in the WebViewer? Currently, I'm using header('Location: http://".$WebRootPath."/Pathfinder_Reviews_Files/'.$ViewFileName);
  8. Does one user logged in to more than one database count as one or more towards the maximum of 100 IWP clients FileMaker Server Advanced can host? We have several databases set up in a two-file configuration, one interface file and one data file that the interface file treats as a data source. When a user logs into the interface file and the data file also opens, does this count as one client session or two towards the 100 maximum?
  9. We have a database hosted by FileMaker Server Advanced 9 via IWP that went haywire and started generating FileMaker Error 504 (Value in field is not unique as required in validation entry options) and Web Scripting Error 509 (Field requires a valid value) at a rate of 200,000 error messages per minute logged into the pe_application log. We’re running FMSA 9 v3 on a Xeon quad core dedicated server with Mac OS X Server 10.5.6. A user had tried to create a new record that had one field that is required to be non-empty and unique. She was confused by this, didn’t understand the FileMaker error message and closed her browser to get out of the situation. I have seen a long string of posts from 2006 on the www.fmforums.com site detailing a problem this used to create with Server 7 and 8 and IWP-hosted databases. After a user closed their browser leaving a record with an invalid field, the next time someone tried to use the database it generated an Error 13 warning and would not allow anyone access. According to the reports on fmforums.com FileMaker eventually “trapped” this problem in Server 8.0.4. I have experimented with this and it appears FileMaker now deletes the offending record when the user’s session ends. At least that’s what happens on my MacBook Pro, running FMSA on Mac OS 10.4.11. We have found out that several users of this database have had the problem of getting confused by the invalid field warnings (one reason we plan to replace FileMaker validation with scripted validation so we can control the error messages). But never before did the Server and/or database go out of control generating the 504 and 509 error warnings. In previous instances it seems FileMaker deleted the record with the invalid field. This time the pe_application log shows that when the next user logged in to the database FileMaker immediately generated two FileMaker Error 504 messages. When she started running scripts, they generated one Web Scripting Error 509 each time the script got to a Go To Layout, New Record/Request, Perform Find, Commit Record/Request and Go To Record/Request steps. The script steps Set Field always generated a Web Scripting Error 101 (Record is Missing) message. The Set Field steps are immediately preceded by a New Record/Request step, one of the ones that generated the Error 509 log entries. These error messages were generated once for each script step, but when the script got to a loop it never left the loop. The script step Go to Record (Next; Exit after last) appears to have failed. The script was looping through a small found set of 3 or 4 records at the time. But it never left the loop and so kept on generating the same pattern of error messages in the pe_application log. I did notice that the FMSA ran the daily backup of the database around the time the user was first logged in and had the problem with the invalid field. But logs show she started one half hour after the backup ran so we’re guessing that was not part of the problem. Any ideas? Do we have to give up using FileMaker field validation in IWP databases altogether to be sure of avoiding this big problem in the future?
  10. Thanks for the help. I'm running Java version 6 Update 11 on a Windows XP Pro machine. SC 2.2 still did show up in the web viewer. But when I added the ?style=noapplet parameter it did work, so we're back in business.
  11. I have a database I've been using for testing SuperContainer and it works OK with SC 1.857. I recently downloaded SuperContainer 2.2 and find the upload buttons do not appear in the web viewer that is set to the SuperContainer URL. All I get is a little black rectangle with a red X in the middle. I can however download files from the database using SC 2.2. I'm running this on a Windows XP Pro computer, with FileMaker 9. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I have just purchased SuperContainer after having tried it out in demo mode. I'm running this on XP Pro and do not have FM Server on this machine. When I start the server by clicking on the SuperContainerServer.jar file, I get a message that the license is for an earlier version; when I click on "Register Now" I get the HTTP Status 500 error message: "The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request." When I go to http://localhost:8020/SuperContainer I get the SuperContainer version 2.1.1 home page, but get the same error message If I try go go to the registration page or upload a file. What should I do?
  13. I have a two-file database with an interface file and data file. The user logs into the interface file while the data file is set to open using a specific account and password (in the File Options settings). The users have an account in the interface file but not the data file. This works fine except every time someone opens the database FMSA 9 generates an error message in the Event.log: "Warning 661 Client Authentication failed..." This happens both on my MacBook Pro running Tiger and our Xeon server running Leopard. According to the FileMaker Knowledge Base Answer ID 6785 "if you have the File Options for a file set to log in using a specific user name and password you will not get this warning." Is this not true? Is there a way to eliminate this error message?
  14. I'm trying out SuperContainer; looks good so far, but here's a question. I'm creating a database that will have multiple files uploaded for each record and the files for each record will be in a unique subdirectory. If I delete a record in the database I also weant to delete all the files linked to that record. Is there a way SuperContainer can delete a subdirectory and all its contents or do I have to delete each of the files one by one? I have a script that loops to get the path to each file to be deleted and sends SuperContainer the delete command with the path to the file, one by one. I'd rather be able to just send SuperContainer the path of the subdirectory and delete everything at once.
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