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  1. CALCTOT Calculation(Number) = TextToNum(Left(ZIP,1)) + TextToNum(Middle(ZIP,2,1)) + TextToNum(Middle(ZIP,3,1)) + TextToNum(Middle(ZIP,4,1)) + TextToNum(Middle(ZIP,5,1)) + TextToNum(Middle(ZIP,6,1)) + TextToNum(Middle(ZIP,7,1)) + TextToNum(Middle(ZIP,8,1)) + TextToNum(Middle(ZIP,9,1)) CHECKSUM Calculation(Number) = 10 - MOD(CALCTOT,10) This should work but does FM have a text to num function? Not sure why the wiki says to sum the odds and evens and add them together.
  2. To calculate a mod-10 checkdigit: 1) Sum the odd-digits from left to right and multiply the total by 3. 2) Sum the even-digits from left to right and add to the total in 1) 3) The check digit is the number needed to round up to the next even multiple of 10. e.g. If the total from 1) and 2) is 74, then the MOD10 checksum would be 6 Do you have script to do this within FM?
  3. Try as I may, I can't find any threads on scripts for calculating checksums for 5, 9 and 11 digit zip codes. I don't want to create the bar code just the numbers representing the code including checksum.
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