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  1. We've recently converted and redesigned our FM6 DBs into FM9, but when the files were first converted they were set (for whatever reason) to print 4 copies. Now, I can't open the DBs and print without it automatically setting the print options to 4 copies. I've adjusted most of my print scripts to reset that value, but the problem still arises whenever I just CTRL-P. Once I run a script that prints 1 copy, it remembers that value, tho. I've tried to reset this by opening the file from the server, which it seems to let me do (even tho I have no printers associated to the server), but when I
  2. Hey all, OK - I tried the Substitute (List) idea and that does remove the extra space in front of the Emeritus, but now I have another wrinkle (of course!) I need to make some of the fields "non-printing". Specifically, I need to assign a school to each title, but I don't always want the name of that school to carry over into the calculated text. For example, John's fields include: a_t_Appointment_Role_Position = "Professor" a_t_Preposition1 = "of" a_t_Department1 = "History" a_t_School = "Faculty of Arts and Sciences" a_t_Emeritus = "Emeritus" I'd like the calculate
  3. Well - that worked, almost entirely, but I am having one little problem. Here's the formula as I use it: Trim ( Case (not IsEmpty (a_t_Prefix1_Exception); a_t_Prefix1_Exception & " ") & Case (not IsEmpty (a_t_Prefix2_Endowment); a_t_Prefix2_Endowment & " ") & Case (not IsEmpty (a_t_Prefix3_Modifier); a_t_Prefix3_Modifier & " ") & Case (not IsEmpty (a_t_Prefix4_Qualifier_Ranking); a_t_Prefix4_Qualifier_Ranking & " ") & Case (not IsEmpty (a_t_Appointment_Role_Position); a_t_Appointment_Role_Position & " ") & Case (not IsEmpty (a_t_Detai
  4. Sorry so late in replying, but thanks so much for this! I'll give it a try... I appreciate your help (and your moniker). :-) Lisa PS - I am on FM8, I just need to adjust my settings. Thanks for pointing that out.
  5. Hi! Each person in my database has a title, and that title determines their eligibility for various important stuff. Each "component" of a title must be tracked seperately, but the official title needs to be a concatenation or amalgamation of the individual components. For example - here are two titles: 1) University / Professor 2) Albert Weatherhead / Honorary / University / Professor / of / Philosophy / and History / and / Former President / of the / School of Public Health / , / Emeritus Each "/" indicates a seperate field, and there are 18 of them. Even simple Example
  6. Hi! I have two types of "meetings" I am tracking: Faculty Meetings and Council Meetings. I have created Table:Meetings, and each record has field:MeetingType which indicates which type of meeting it is. There is a record for each scheduled meeting, and each meeting is further qualifed by field:Academic Year. I need to track attendance to each of these meetings. Table:People tracks everyone in my DB, and any subset of those people can attend both types of meetings. I need 2 layouts -- one for Faculty Meeting attendance records, and one for Council Meeting attendance records. Ea
  7. Well - the way titles are listed in the portal are based on other criteria, so I can't change the sort order. However, I did create a new relationship, sorted by end date, and am using that relationship as the origin of this field on the layout. Still ain't working. The funny this is that this works fine in FM6. It's just a calculation field, so why would the result change when it's pulled to another layout? Still stumped.
  8. This should be simple - but it's mystifying me. field:t_DeptChair? If record is for a Department Chair, the user clicks off "Yes" in this field (Yes is the only choice -- it is left blank if not valid). field:t_calc_Active - this calculation looks at the end date of the record and returns "yes" if that end date is AFTER today's date, meaning that Title is currently active. If the end date has already passed today, the calculation returns a "no" value. field: t_calc_CurrentDeptChair = If ( t_DeptChair? = "Yes" and t_calcActive = "Yes"; "Yes"; "No" ) On the Titles layout, th
  9. OK - I was afraid of that. No biggie - I can make it work. Thanks so much!
  10. Each of my layouts are designed to be printed, but is there anyway I can create a non-printing custom navigation bar along the left-hand side of the screen? I currently have all my buttons along the right, off the printed page, but I have two different types of buttons I'd like to categorize -- navigation (between table data) on the left, and action items (ex.: launch script) on the right. For each layout the items on the left would remain the same, but the items on the right would change depending upon the actions particular to that data. I could swear I've seen others DBs like this, b
  11. I inherited two interelated relationships from a former developer I can't figure out. For DB:Committees, we have an auxilliary DB:Members, which contains records for both the multiple members of each committee, but also the single chairman (sometimes there are 2 co-chairs). DB:Committees has field com_GetChair, a calculation = com_CommitteeYear & "Chair". DB:Members has mem_FindChair, also a calculation, indexed = mem_CommitteeYear & Right(mem_RoleOnCommittee, 5). (The two CommitteeYear fields are different calculations in each DB. com_CommitteeYear = Left(com_YearRa
  12. Hey! I'm working with your ("Comment's") simple solution, and think I've figured it out, except how did you get the webding to display only that little checkmark? Other than that bit, this is perfect! Thanks again! Lisa
  13. Well thanks so much, folks! This has been INCREDIBLY helpful.
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