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  1. The [color:red]event ID field in Event Management table is connected to the [color:red]event ID field in Apps PO Table The [color:red]item number is in both Apps PO Table and Apps List tables
  2. I am trying to write a script that does the following: 1. Opens a new window [app selection] layout that has a list of all possible menu items (I have this part figured out) 2.When I click on the arrow next to the item I want another script that takes this item and adds it to the purchase order [apps PO layout] 3. I want to return to my original layout and see the the item I selected in the [apps PO portal] For the [apps PO] I have a relationship formed using the [color:red]event ID field in the [event management] I also have a relationship between [apps PO] and [a
  3. It just doesn't do anything at all. The script is using the "Send Mail" command. It does everything else in the script, it doesn't throw any errors, it just doesn't send the mail. Typically in my PC version it would open up the email and I could make any changes and then send, however on my mac it does nothing, it doesn't open an email, I checked to see if it is sending it and I don't see anything in my outbox either. I did some research on this and found that some users were complaining that it sends emails to their drafts folder, but it doesn't do that either.
  4. I have recently upgraded from FP8.5 (pc version) to FP10 (mac version) I have scripts that send emails using my installed client which was outlook but is now Entourage, however now it no longer seems to work. Any ideas?
  5. OK, I'm an idiot, I managed to figure it out I just needed to pay attention - thanks for your help, it works perfectly :blond:
  6. Thank you. I tried it, but am having some difficulties, first of all I'm self taught and I'm not well versed on the functions so I'm having a hard time troubleshooting. I understand the LET command, I replaced CC with my CC number field name, but I don't understand "init" if you have time, I could really use a little help in getting this to work.
  7. I'm sure there is a very simple way to execute this bt I am just having a brain fart. I have a database that keeps customer records including credit cards. When I type in a CC number I would like to have a field automatically tell me what type of CC it is, for example if the number starts with 6 it is discover etc. etc. Can anyone help? As of right now I have some very convaluted calculation that works intermittently and is not really 100% accurate -) Thanks
  8. No there are about 5 different item numbers that this will apply to
  9. I have a file that I use to manage purchase orders. I want to have a field that calculates the total quantity of a certain product. ie on an order that has 3 different items I need a total quantity count on only the items that have the item# 13063. I'm sure this is easily done, but I am not very conversant with calculations unless they are very simple. Any help I could get would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I actually got the closed stamp handled, thank you, I read and re-read and finally it clicked. The only thing I am stuck with now is locking the record. Do you think you can you help me with that? I couldn't figure it out.
  11. Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate any help I can get...I actually hadn't even got as far as creating the button yet. I was just at the "mmm thats a good idea" stage. I am very new to using Filemaker. I have a basic understanding, but all self taught. I will work on getting the "closed" button created - right now I have it as a radio button. I don't think I really understand how I would get the word CLOSED to run accross the front of the page? Thanks again.
  12. I am a newbie so forgive me if I have posted in the wrong section. I have a database I created to manage incoming orders. When an order is complete I would like to be able to click on the complete button and have it put some kind of stamp across the front of it that says "closed" I know I have seen this done before. I often have repeating customers so when I search for customers orders I want to be able to easily see the ones that are closed.
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