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  1. I don't even know where to start. I created my 'big three' databases when Filemaker first came on the market YEARS ago. Through all the Filemaker PRO changes, all was well. FMP 10 ate my lunch. My complex relationships between my databases went to hell. I can NOT find a definition of the word "table" that I can understand! "A file contains the tables". What? I thought a database has fields & layouts. I know what a "table view" is. So I gave up trying to understand the words. I opened the 2 databases I want to 'have a relationship'. Went to Manage database > Relationship
  2. Oh where did my tables go? I tried to set up a relationship. I've had these done for YEARS - since FM 4! So none of my records show up & I see Is it because I saved a copy of a database with no records then changed/ renamed it for another, but similar use? Am I ruined? HELP! please
  3. Okay, now only one of my databases requires that I log onto it with an account name and password. I tried to get rid of that and got this message, [color:red]"There are no active FileMaker accounts that use the Full Access privilege set. There musst be one account like this. Create a new account or modify an existing account to use the Full Access privilege set." What the heck does THAT mean??? I don't want any of them to require a password. Elaine
  4. I use Helvetica 9 pt extensively; even have a QuicKey to turn everything in a field to Helvetica 9 pt because it was a comfortable and compact size. When I went up to 8.5, I can hardly read that size of font because its so teeny weensy! In fact, all my font layouts that use Helvetica are screwy. What happened? And can I get back to where I was - font size wise? Appreciatively, Elaine (I've used FMP since it came out & never had this happen in an upgrade)
  5. Oh Happy Day! Admin with a blank password worked. I owe you! I had tried every combination of everything I ever knew! Thank you so much! Elaine
  6. This is insane! Suddenly today I'm unable to open my large and indespensible database! It asks for an Account Name and a password. I'm scared now that my other databases will become locked. I even tried to open it with a previous FMP (6) and it said it was now in FMP 7 & I have to open it in that! HELP!
  7. o goody goody for you! That was it! Thanks so much. I HATE giving up on a problem! Grateful Elaine in Albuquerque
  8. Okay. I went to layout mode and selected the field and set the pen size to 1 point black. Nothing happened & the check boxes still do not show up. Could my file be corrupted? I only created it last week! Elaine
  9. I used the same color and font size when I made check boxes in my other databases - trying to recreate the problem. I also tried to increase the size of the field - thinking there wasn't enough room for check boxes. Am not sure how to send a file to here. Elaine
  10. Please! Help! I'm probably not using this complicated forum correctly but I can't find where its okay to ask a question! (I've been using FMaker for 10 years) I set up a database w/ field format and value list. Need to edit it. Now I can't get the check boxes to show up! I've deleted the whole thing and started from scratch a dozen times. I can make check box value lists on my other databases but not this one now! What am I doing wrong? Elaine
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