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  1. I think you are right. I set up a Windows 2000 server to use as FilmakerServer on the same network and it works fine. I will rebuild the 2003 Server and I am sure it will work also.
  2. So I cleaned up the registry, uninstalled all extra programs, uninstalled FMS 7, installed FMS. Now I get a Data Execution Prevention message for FMS Helper Service. If try to Allow FMS Helper under the DEP setting it still will still not start.
  3. Yes I read somewhere not to run virus scan on the hosted files, although they have been so far. I have changed that. But can I temporarily run FM8 on an XPP or or server 2000 computer until I get the 2003 server fixed?
  4. I am thinking what I will do is host the FMS 8 on an XP computer and see if that works and keep working to fix the 2003 Server - there must be something wrong with it. It aslo will not update virus definitions for Etrust Anti Virus 7.1 unless I manually stop the InoTask in Task Manger and then restart the Etrust job service. It is interesting that the 10 user limit is so vague for XP and FMS. I tried looking at the event logs but could find nothing helpful.
  5. I did uninstall FMS 7 before installing FMS 8. I have been trying to located what is not identical in terms of software (so far TapeWare back up software and UPC PowerChute)and stopping those services. I should uninstall them and clean any Registry values that pertain to them also. I unistalled Etrust Admin software but I see the CA Licensing Service is still running.
  6. I am running Filemaker server 7 successfully. How ever when I install FMS Server 8, I cannot start the helper service - I get a 1003 error. I can start the Filemaker Server Service but not the Helper service - 1003 error then the Filemaker erver Service quits. If I try to connect to the FMS thru Filemaker Server Admin I get - RunTime Error MicroSoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Program: C:WINDOWSsystem32mmc.exe instead of the usual "unable to connect" error which should happen if the FMS Services are not running. If I install FMS 8 on an identical server it launches fine.
  7. If I put the FMS 8 on a Windows XP computer is FMS 8 limited to 10 users logged in at the same time?
  8. Still no go on starting up the services. I find that if I try to connect to the server from FMS 8 Admin I get a RunTime Error MicroSoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Program: C:WINDOWSsystem32mmc.exe Instaed of "unable to connect" message. Any ideas anybody? I have tried all the Filemaker Support ideas....
  9. Still no go on starting the services. I will contact Filemaker support again, they were not helpful the first time.
  10. That is the direction I was going. I will give that a try next time I can shut down the FMP server. The FMP service does start but it stops when you try to start the helper.
  11. Thank you for the prompt response. Yes, I did stop both services and run remove programs, turned off the antivirus software before installing Server 8 (the second time). I get a Windows error 1003 when trying to start the server helper service. Filemaker tech support hadn't heard of this problem.... I can install successfully on a a hardware identical server 2003 machine that was not running FMP Server 7. Are there registry entries I should manually remove? Server8 trial was not installed.
  12. Using a Windows 2003 Server SP1 that meets minimum requirements. I was using FMP Server 7 before with no issues. Now I uninstall Server 7 and install Server 8 and the helper service will not start. I can sucessfully install Server 8 on another 2003 Server with the exact same hardware specs. I can successfully start the Server Service but not the helper serfvice. Any ideas?
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