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  1. Thanks to you all. I will get a chance to dig on this today and try the imports. I REALLY APPRECIATE Your counsel! Thanks. Steve.
  2. Great, because we're trying to set this up as a feed from another site, and I don't know how we'd write the code to count the records before it was ready for FM.
  3. So I have a question, do you have to tell the system how many records are in the file? <DATABASE DATEFORMAT="M/d/yyyy" LAYOUT="" NAME="" RECORDS="1" TIMEFORMAT="h:mm:ss a" />
  4. Thank you so much. I do a bit of dbase stuff, and some coding, and this xml thing is proving trickier then I had thought it would be. Nice to have a challenge. i'll take a look at that template. steve
  5. Thanks you two. I'll take those tips and try and get to the next step. I'll let you know. Thanks as always for your input.
  6. Hi everyone. Could someone help me? I am so close to having this working and we've spent the last two days trying everything, and we're stumped. We built this xslt template and it's associated xml file... and filemaker opens up like it's all good, allows me to map the fields, all good, then we hit import and it only does one file and there is no data in any of the fields. These two files are the short sanitized version of the data, the original xml has 600 records... but this is exactly the structure, and I'm wondering if anyone can tell us what we are missing.? Again, no data arrives in
  7. Hi. I'm trying to get an ODBC connection going to a wordpress SQL database. I have some chops at this, but I'm getting a full filemaker crash when I enter my user name and pw for the database. I'm running FMP ADvanced 14. And I might not have all the right drivers etc. I'm wondering if anyone can read this crash report to see what on earth is causing this. I have the right port, I have my IP address whitelisted... so I have permission to access dbase... this thing just crashes and is making me a bit nuts. Any help or guidance on what I should have for drivers running FMP AD 14, and Mac
  8. Hello... it's great to be back on the forum. I've been gone a few years. I've got a database with many records in it. Specifically, flight records for a drone. Every second it captures the lat long of a flight along with altitude info and motor performance specs. I wanted to scan those files and create a google map overlay of my flights over the last few years. I want to be able to use the webviewer to map these points from the records and show it on something like a global web viewer... Any ideas how I might go about doing this? Imagine 1500 records each with it's own lat long value.
  9. Hi, I'm back on the forum after a long hiatus, and I'm kinda stuck. Hoping you can help. I'm trying to write a script that will look at a field "filename" in my dbase. I want the script to go out and look at that filepath on my computer and confirm that the file exists with the matching filename, and then get the filesize from that file and then put it back into my file record. I'm assuming I need applescript, but man, for a scripting language that is supposed to be easy, I'm finding it really difficult to find a scripting resource to help me. Any thoughts? And if that isn't enough,
  10. I curious, what are those numbers? How do I generate those? they aren't lat lon numbers. Is there a site where I can generate those numbers?
  11. I've been scouring the web for help on this, and I can't find much relating to FM12 and the most recent software. Is there a way to generate multiple map markers from my records in filemaker? I have about 40 records (not huge), and I'd like to have FMGO automatically generate pins based on address or lat, lon. Any help of direction would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and if you can show me how to do different colored markers in the same routine, that'd be great too! s.
  12. I had a database that was running great for months. Shared and on a server in house. Now, It's unusable... even after recovery, and all data removed (I have mostly empty tables...)... I'm trying to track down the problem, and I'm spinning in circles. I have this log report. Can anyone see any possibilities. I see at the top of the list a reference to a dropped page with a script? Selected lines look like this: *** Started consistency check of improperly closed file, total of 335 block(s) to check 2011-11-01 11:51:58.865 -0500 LegacyDM.fp7 8440 ERROR: Page 326 invalid struc
  13. thanks for that. I'll try it. What i meant by: I want to run multiple finds because I am using a summary field to generate totals from the records. was: I know how to make layouts summarize data.... with the sort function and a summary field. But I need to ask the table to sort by the name field for many names. I was under the impression I needed to do that one at a time to grab the total for each name to be used in a calculation. Is there a way to pull summary data out of a layout for multiple names without doing it one at a time?
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