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  1. I am trying to create a print layout using a 3 column layout. The problem is that "Page break before each occurence" breaks to the next column instead of the next page. Has anyone figured out how to get it to break to the first column of the next page?
  2. I'm looking for some basic instruction on creating a SQL/ODBC query from a web page. Below is sample from the ODBC/JDBC forum using PHP. Mostly I am uncertain how to code the client location. I am also unfamiliar with how the remaining objects need to be coded(odbc_exec,odbc_fetch etc.). What I really need is a simple primer or tutorial on connecting to FileMaker ODBC data via the web using SQL. Can anyone help? PHP example: <?php $conn = odbc_pconnect(client, user, password); $sql = 'SELECT * FROM Companies WHERE clientnumber=10100'; $rs = odbc_exec($conn,
  3. I know FileMaker, XML/XSLT, JavaScript and SQL. I need to access FileMaker data using SQL via the web. The documentation explains how to enable ODBC, but I need to learn how to write html links and forms to query FileMaker data using SQL. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. I tried using the following example with no success: When I try to reference the same field name twice in a form I get an error.
  5. [color:gray]How can I use fmxslt:session_encode_url() to encode form data. The documentation and the site assistant shows how to do this for URLs but there is no information on encoding form data. [color:black]I think I need to clarify this. When using href the query string appears in the browser's address line. When submitting form data, only the page shows, not the query string. How do I get a form's query string to appear in the address line?
  6. http://www. _blankxt> my link This would create my link
  7. Thanks for the information I found the site: http://www.clicaps.ethz.ch/fmi/xsl/search_advanced_en.xsl to be useful. It turns out they are using two fields such as "date" and "date_2". I'm guessing "date_2" is a calculation equal to "date". They are doing range searches by doing an "and" find on two separate fields. Alternatively I discovered that displaying the "date" field twice using a self-join works just as well and eliminates the need for creating extra fields and calculations.
  8. This is not exactly an XML/XSLT question but it is what I am using. Is there a straight-forward way to create a form to do a range search such as "start date" and "begin date" or "greater than X" and "less than Y"?
  9. Here are the basics. Without more information it is difficult to tell you what you need. http://www.fmforums.com _blank open fmforums
  10. I am using XML/XSLT with FileMaker Server 7 Advanced and occasionally during testing I'm getting the error page showing: "An unexpected error has occurred" File: /fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml Line: Column: If I wait a minute and try again I don't get the error. It will occur later as I continue testing. It is inconsistent. Any idea what is going on here?
  11. I spoke with a sales engineer at FileMaker. What I was missing was an "xsl" directory inside of an "fmi" directory inside the "wwwroot" directory on the web server. That detail was not clear in the documentation.
  12. Sorry if I am being dense here. So far all of my files are .xsl files and they are all in the special "xslt-template-files" folder. I access them using the address: "https://.../fmi/xsl/my_file.xsl" So I guess my real question is where do I put the html files in the Server Advance hierarchy? In FMP6, using FileMaker Unlimited, I just put the files inside the web folder inside the FileMaker application folder. I could also put static files inside the wwwroot directory of an IIS box using Web Server Connector.
  13. Thanks, but this is still unclear to me. I put the .xsl files inside: "...FileMaker Server 7Web Publishingxslt-template-files" I tried putting a .jpg file in the same location and referenced it using: "" but all I get is a broken image. The properties for the broken image in the web browser shows the address: "https://.../fmi/xsl/my_picture.jpg" I'm certain I am missing something simple. I am coming from a FMP6/CDML experience.
  14. I recently started learning XML/XSLT. The FileMaker documentation is very unclear about where to place non-xslt content (images, html files, javascript libraries)on the server so it can be referenced by xsl template files. Sorry if this is vague. I thought I should start simple and then elaborate as necessary. An answer to this question is needed urgently. Also if anyone knows of any great resources for learning about FileMaker and XML/XSLT together I would appreciate it. -Thanks
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