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  1. fishtech

    Sync with NetSuite?

    bump : )
  2. fishtech

    Sync with NetSuite?

    Hi, We'e considering a NetSuite installation. Can Mirrorsync sync Netsuite's data with FileMaker Server? NetSuite is built on Oracle, but I have no hands-on experience with it yet. The architecture need to allow for using NetSuite's customer data in a FileMaker-based app on remote clients as follows: NetSuite <-> FileMaker Server <-> Various remote FM clients. Thanks, ft.
  3. Some of the users are using an earlier download of the database without 'Database Version' field. But they are getting the 'upgrade available' message and then a fail. It's confusing the users. Is there any way just to turn this off on the server? ft.
  4. Any news please? How do I disable this feature until there is a fix? Thanks, ft.
  5. There are 3 files: crm interface crm data crm skus
  6. Hi, I just activated the auto-update notification feature in MirrorSync 4. My users are on Macbooks with FM16. 2 users have reported they see the following error: " <thefile.fmp12> could not be created on this disk. Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk" I have not had a chance to remote to anyone to check it out yet, but received these reports via email. They do have plenty of disk space. Please advise. Thanks, ft.
  7. fishtech

    Server to Server sync speed

    Voted up!
  8. Hi, I am unable to distribute my solution via the link because of this problem. Can I just take a copy from one of my server's hourly backups and send to users? Thanks, ft.
  9. Hi, I am using Dev version 4.00591 I have a 3-file separation solution. When I create a link to download the entire solution (including data), the link initially works as exepcted and 3 files are downloaded which contain full data.. However, when subsequent users click on the link only the Interface file is downlaoded. About to submit a bug report... Thanks, ft.
  10. Excellent, that seems to have fixed it and I am now downloading a copy. Many thanks, ft.
  11. Hi, I have been using v3 with good results for a year or so. I have just upgraded to v4 and re-built the configuration from scratch. All seemed to go well during config build. I have a multi-file solution and I am now trying to get a link to the solution using MirrorSync > Download Database > Create Link > Multiple... After admin credentials are entered a box shows "Retrieving list of databases", but then the following error is displayed: java.lang.NullPointerException I can only click OK, and I do not get a link copied to clipboard. Note that if I MirrorSync > Download Database > Create Link > Single... then the link is posted to clipboard in good order. Please can anyone advise? Thanks, ft. PS> have submitted error logs to 360works but hoping someone in the community can help since it is the weekend!
  12. Please ignore. I rebooted server and it came good. I had also tweaked the new extended privs enabled under FM16 for the account, but that change by itself did not make a difference. ft.
  13. Can you provide some more info please? I am getting this error when using the admin account for Mirrorsync's "Databse Username" and "Database Password". I am upgrading from v3, and have tried in v4 with both an import of the previous settings and from scratch. Thanks, ft.
  14. fishtech

    Unexpected deletions

    Hi, Sorry to bug you but just wondering if I can restart sync safely? Thanks, ft.

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