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  1. Best Filtering Strategy

    Sounds good, thanks for the info. The test speeds seem pretty zippy to me in early testing but I need to do need to build queries across several tables. ft
  2. Best Filtering Strategy

    Many thanks for your reply. Is the speed of response of the custom SQL qualifiers 'test' function related to potential sync-speed impact when filtering with SQL? Thanks, ft.
  3. Hi, I need to start filtering syncs to prevent some users (not all) from seeing commercially sensitive data. Currently all my remote (MirrorSync) users log in to the solution with the same 'sales' account, and all users get all data. I need to define what to use for $$MIRRORSYNC_USERTOKEN for filtering. Would best practice be to create FM accounts in the solution for each user in the system (I have 3 files and 18 remote users so that would be almost 60 passwords to maintain, and growing), then use the get(accountname) as the $$MIRRORSYNC_USERTOKEN? Or should I build some kind of 'Accounts' table for them to authenticate against after they login, and use a username field from that table? Or is there a better way? Thanks, ft.
  4. Hi, I need to configure filtered syncs to some (not all) remote users. This is to prevent some users from seeing commercially sensitive data available to other users. I am hoping someone can advise the appropriate strategy for me between 'Custom SQL Qualifier' and 'Mirrorsync Customization Script'. I'm using JDBC right now. I could cut over to XML, but I think JDBC is probably right for me. Can someone please confirm? I'm syncing a solution withe the following characteristics: • 3 files, 3.5Gb total • 12 tables • 18 remote users sync to Hub • Hub has 20 local users • Remote (mirrorsync) users authenticate same local FileMaker 'sales' account to access the solution • Local users authenticate to directory services (Open Directory). Many thanks, ft.
  5. Hi, I have a server and 15 mobile clients in different countries. Some clients have very slow network connections. Sometimes significant data changes need to be made on the server. This can include importing records and deleting records. A number of tables have over 50-100,000 records and one table have 1,500,000 records. Records are never deleted on clients. If significant additions/deletions are made to data on the server is it worthwhile to have a local machine on the same LAN as the server to do the first sync following the changes (to work out which records were deleted on the server, etc)? Thanks, ft.
  6. Very good, Many thanks, ft.
  7. Hi, I occasionally have problems when users gathering data overseas have poor/intermittent internet connections. We sync a lot of data between server and laptops and sync can take a long time. In certain situations the network connectivity cannot be sustained to enable a full sync. To workaround these unusual situations would the following scenario work: 1. User zips remote copy of solution and uploads to Dropbox. 2. User downloads new copy of solution and continues work. 3. Administrator downloads zipped copy of solution to desktop machine at office on same LAN as server. 4. Admin unzips solution solution and clicks MirrorSync sync button to sync collected data into server. If step 4 would work it could save some time Thanks, ft.
  8. Hi, Is there any chance a 'Date of Solution Download' could be included as a column in the user/licensing report within MirrorSync3ConfigClient ? It would help identify users who may be procrastinating in downloading updates. Many thanks, ft.
  9. Nice idea. I recently built a change log into my interface to help keep users informed about changes. The log is shown to the user on the splash screen when the solution is opened. For the users, each development change is incremented numerically, given a value from 1-5 for Importance to users, and is given one of the following categories: New feature Improved/changed feature Bug fix Removed feature Currently each week a server script sends an email to all users to notify them of changes. The email contains the URL to download the file. The user can look over the list and decide whether to upgrade or not. I might see if I can use your idea to present the updated list of dev changes (implemented since the user's version was downloaded) at the end of each sync. Thanks, ft.
  10. Hi, If a link to download a database is disabled is that action permanent, or can the URL be reactivated? As a feature request...It would be useful to have a way to temporarily suspend the URL for database downloads, and present a customized message to users who try to use it during that time. For example, if scripts or layouts are under development the developer could use this feature to present a message such as "Downloads temporarily suspended during development. Please come back tomorrow morning" to a remote user who tries to download a new copy of the database. Thanks, ft.
  11. Hi, I sync an indexed number field which contains UPC codes such as 000112223333. After a sync the UPC's lead zero's are truncated in the destination record. For example, 000112223333 becomes 112223333. Is there a way to work around this please? Thanks, ft.
  12. Yes, that is what I am doing. The SSD is a thunderbolt drive, which is connected to a Pegasus R2 thunderbolt RAID which is connected to the Mac. Thanks, ft.
  13. Hi, I recently switched to using a symlink for MirrorSync to a thunderbolt SSD drive to maximize r/w speeds on my OS X server. I restarted the server for the first time today since making that move. After the restart I launched MirrorSync Config Client but my configuration was blank. The window asking for the software registration key was open and unpopulated. I restarted the server a couple more times with the same results. Finally I decided to stop/start just the MirrorSync App using Applications/360Works Admin.jar and fortunately my config and registration returned. My guess is that at startup MIrrorSync is up and running before the SSD is mounted during the boot process; MIrrorSync cannot access the config and registration data. MirrorSync app needs the restart to recognize that the SSD has been mounted and the data is available. If this is the case is there anyway you can program some sort of delay in MirrorSync startup to accommodate such a delay in the SSD mounting? Otherwise I need to reemember to stop/start MIrrorSync app if the server is ever restarted. Many thanks, ft

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