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  1. OK, I see your point and I will eliminate the need for duplicate data.
  2. How can I keep two tables in sync? I have two tables, Table1 and Table2. Each table has the field Item and the number of records is the same in each table. I would like to be able to make changes in one table and have them updated in the other table so that the list of items is the same in both tables. That is, when a record is created, deleted or an item is edited it one table the other table will update to match the changes.
  3. I finally figured it out. the end time field must be formatted as Short System Time in Inspector. I never knew what that was for before.
  4. A simple problem: I want to add a number to a time and get the end time to express AM or PM. For example: Start time = 10:00AM Duration = 3 hours End time = should be 1:00PM I can't figure out how to make this work.
  5. In the script pane I can't drag a folder to a new position. Any suggestion on why this is happening and how to fix it?
  6. I’m trying to get the average value of a field on a found set. But it’s not working. Cost is a number field and I use the following script steps to get the average value. Perform Find $$Avg=Average ( BGL::Cost ) But the resulting value is incorrect. Am I missing something. I assume Average works on the found set.
  7. I'd like to remove unused value lists. If the Database Design Report indicates that a value list does not appear on any layout does that mean it is not used and therefore I can safely delete it?
  8. Even when the field is indexed, the value list does not insert values on new records. Strange! I'm using the "All" option for indexing.
  9. Nope, I forgot it. It now works like a charm. Thanks for all your help. You're working pretty early in the morning aren't you? John
  10. It still doesn't work. Script debugger and DataViewer show that $sp is set correctly in the parent script, however it is blank in the child script so the correct step does not execute. In other words the parameter is not passed to the the other file.
  11. Te attached file shows the scripts I am using.Parent and child file scripts.docx
  12. I want to run a script in the other file, depending on the value of a parameter.
  13. How can I pass a script parameter to a scrip in another file. I want to be able to run a script in asecond file based on the script parameter used in a first file. Or, is there a better way to do this instead of using script parameters?
  14. I’m trying to enter values from a value list based on a calculation field. Specialists::ActiveSpecialists is an unstored text calculation field. The value list ActiveSpecialists reads values from this calculation field. On a new records layout the VL is attached to the Prescriptions::Specialist text field so I can select a name from a drop down list. However, on newly created records, when I select a name, it does not enter into the field. The field remains blank. The source table for the new record layout is Prescriptions. How can I get the VL to work? Update: The value list does not work on new records only. That is, when I create a new record and apply the VL the field remains blank. However, the VL works fine on previously created records.
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