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  1. john9210

    Tuesday dates

    Thanks, it works great!
  2. I'm looking for a formula that calculates the date of the second Tuesday of any month, based on the month number. Any suggestions.
  3. john9210

    Parsing a compound name

    What I'm trying to do is determine the number of people a name represents. In a name, both persons always have the same last name. There is always be an "and" separating the last and first names. Generally, names are entered as" Jones, Mary" for one person, "Jones, Mary and John" for two persons. The problem arises when the first name is made up of two parts, a relatively rare occasion, but it does happen.
  4. I’m using the following formula to count the number of people in a compound name. If[WordCount(name)>2,2,1]. It gives the following results: Name Result Smith, Jane 1 Smith, Jane and Joe 2 Smith, Jane Agnes 2 The last result is incorrect. It should be 1 since Jane Agnes is a first name. What would be a correct formula to use?
  5. john9210

    Sort problem

    Thanks for the tip Siroos. I forgot that I had a script trigger on the first field. I removed it and that solved my problem.
  6. john9210

    Sort problem

    How do I avoid committing. I have a tab order that goes from the first field in the record to the next field, etc. I'm in List view trying to create new records and continue with data entry. Does this make sense? As far as I know, I'm not commiting any records until I create a new record.
  7. I use a script to sort records in list view. However, when I create a new record, enter data in the first field and then tab to the next field the records automatically sort before I finish entering data. This is a real pain for entering data. I have "keep records in sort order" unchecked. However when I check it, the records still continue to resort. How can I stop this?
  8. Ok Lee. Where do I post a question on sorting? None of the areas seem to apply.

    Thanks for your help.


    1. Lee Smith

      Lee Smith

      Ask this of me in a private message.

  9. I’m trying to write a script that creates records for each Sunday in any two-month period. Below, the script creates records for January and February 2019. It simply checks each day of the month to see if it is a Sunday and if so, it creates a record. It does fine except that the second month portion of the script creates a record for the first Sunday in March! No doubt this is due to the fact that the Loop exits after 32 days. However it seems to me that since the DayOfWeek calculation is based $month2=2 (February) it should not result in a record with a March date. Is it necessary to make the loop dependent on the number of days in the month? I was hoping to avoid that additional complexity. Or is there a simpler script do the job? gYear = 2019 #CREATE RECORDS FOR FIRST MONTH Set Variable [ $month1; Value:1 ] Set Variable [ $day; Value:1 ] Loop If [ DayOfWeek ( Date($month1;$day;Schedule::gYear ))=1 ] New Record/Request Set Field [ Schedule::Date; Date($month1;$day;Schedule::gYear ) ] Set Field [ Schedule::Flag; 1 ] End If Set Variable [ $day; Value:$day+1 ] Exit Loop If [ $day=32 ] End Loop #CREATE RECORDS FOR SECOND MONTH Set Variable [ $month2; Value:2 ] Set Variable [ $day; Value:1 ] Loop If [ DayOfWeek ( Date($month2;$day;Schedule::gYear ))=1 ] New Record/Request Set Field [ Schedule::Date; Date($month2;$day;Schedule::gYear ) ] Set Field [ Schedule::Flag; 1 ] End If Set Variable [ $day; Value:$day+1 ] Exit Loop If [ $day=32 ] End Loop
  10. john9210

    When to use Print Setup

    Whats the difference between Pint Setup and Print in a script? They seem to do the same thing. When should Print Setup be used?
  11. john9210

    Printing script problem

    I once printed some records to the Microsoft Print to Pdf. Now when ever I try to print a script, it defaults to Microsoft Print to Pdf, not my default LaserJet Pro. Is there a way to reset the device that scripts print to?
  12. john9210

    Cannot add new records in portal

    The match fields are number type Thanks Fran_g, that did the trick.
  13. john9210

    Cannot add new records in portal

    I'm trying to display records from two tables. I want each portal to show all the records and to be able to create new records in the portals.
  14. In the attached file I cannot add new records in the portals: I get the error that the fields are not modifiable. I use the field Match as the match fields. This is a calculation field set to 1 so the portal displays all the related records. Why is this happening? Banks.fmp12
  15. john9210

    Layout list

    Yes I do, but the DDR only gives a Layout Hierarchy without the associated tables. I know I can use a database function to create a list of layouts, but I can'f find a function that would list the associated tables. I was hoping there would be a way.

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