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  1. Object jump

    I've asked this question some time ago and never got a good answer, so I'll try again. Just about every time I click on a layout object, including fields, the object jumps a point or two. I have to readjust its position. This happens on both my desktop and laptop computers. Both use Windows 10 64 bit. I usually have align to grid on but it makes no difference. The jump happens if align to grid is off. It also makes no difference if the object is aligned to the grid or not. When I click on it, it jumps. It does not matter what theme I am using.
  2. Lock field

    I have a field that when the user enters a value I want to protect against editing since the field is used in a relationship. Is there a way to do this?
  3. Font mangement

    I've tried, but most are protected fonts. I have already removed many non-protected fonts to another folder for safe keeping. Although I've hidden the protected fonts, they still show up in the FM font menu.
  4. Font mangement

    I have hidden many fonts in the Windows 10 Font folder that I do not use. However, they continue to show up in the FM font menu. Is there a way to stop this? I would like to shorten the font menu to fonts that I use.
  5. View as Form is grayed out

    Thanks. I didn't know there was a setting on Layout Setup.
  6. View as Form is grayed out

    On one of my layouts, I can't view it as a form because in the Browse mode the View as Form is grayed out. On other layouts, it is not grayed out. How can I fix this?
  7. I’m trying to setup a portal that filters records with a calculation field. I have a set of Disk table records that have the fields Disks::Title and Disks::FirstLetter = Left(Title,1). The user selects a letter from a value list attached to a global field gFirstLetter. A dropdown displays values A through Z. The portal TO, FilterDisks, is a self join, using the “x” operator. It uses the filter criteria FilterDISKS::FirstLetter=FilterDISKS::gFirstLetter. When a value (A to Z) is selected by the user I expect the portal to display only records beginning with that letter. However, it does not display the records properly. Sometimes, but nor always, by clicking outside gets it to work. I guess my question is: can portals be filtered with a calculation field?
  8. Accounting calculation

    Thanks, that was helpful. Since I will use these fields will be in a child table, I also need to display the total of deposits, the total of withdrawals and the last value (the current balance) in the primary table. How can I do that.?
  9. Accounting calculation

    I would like to set up a solution that keeps track of account financial data. The primary table has the account name and other data. The related table has three fields: deposits, withdrawals and balance. I would like to calculate the total deposits, total withdrawals and current balance, and display them in the primary table.
  10. FileMaker freezeup

    While creating a new solution, the file starting to freeze up when I try to access Part Definition. I have to use Ctrl+Alt+Delete to close the program. It only occurs on this one file. File Recovery did not work, and saving as a compressed file did not work. Computer reboot did not work. What can I do?
  11. I can't update from FMP Adv to 15.0.4. After the update downloads, a software window opens that says "Close all FMP Adv files. FMP Adv will quit, install update and restart application". The windows has an Update button. However, when I close FMP, the software window also closes and I don't have access the the Update button. If I click the Update button before closing FM, I get the message to close FM first! I'm going around in circles. Any suggestions?
  12. Object jump

    yes, these are my settings. grid is 72/8 .
  13. Object jump

    FM Pro 15 Adv and Windows 10. This has been going on for some time and is driving me crazy! Has anyone else experienced this: click on an object or field in layout and it jumps (moves) a pixel or two. I have to continuously re-align the object. This happens whether or not the object is touching a grid line. I have tried turning on or off the snap to grid and snap to guide. It makes no difference. So I generally leave them both on. I haven't posted this on other FM forums, but perhaps I should.
  14. Display active portal row

    Thanks for the demo file. But I'm not sure how to apply it to my situation. Are you implying that I have to use GTRR to and then return to the starting layout? What if I want to go to a layout with a different source table and then return?
  15. Display active portal row

    Here's what finally works for me. The following script returns to the Data input layout where the portal is, and makes the row visible. The portal object name is "Portal". gSelectedRow is the row that is highlighted before leaving and returning to the layout. Enter Browse Mode Go to Layout [ “Data input-Item” (ITEMS) ] Go to Object [ Object Name: "Portal" ] Go to Field [ Selection portal::pkItemID ] Go to Portal Row [ Select; First ] Loop Exit Loop If [ Selection portal::pkItemID=Globals::gSelectedRow ] Go to Field [ Selection portal::pkItemID ] Go to Portal Row [ Select; Next; Exit after last ] End Loop I don't know why, but the Go to Field script steps are needed. Without them, the desired row is not visible, and I have to manually scroll to it. This leaves the curser in the field at the end of the script. I tried adding a step to go to another object on the layout to avoid this, but with the extra step the row does not become visible. I really can't find any useful explanation for using the Go to Portal Row script step. Although the script goes to the correct row, it does not run the script trigger attached to the field in the row. So, going to a row is not equivalent to clicking on the row. Is there a way to "click" on a row via script?

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