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  1. john9210

    Cannot add new records in portal

    The match fields are number type Thanks Fran_g, that did the trick.
  2. john9210

    Cannot add new records in portal

    I'm trying to display records from two tables. I want each portal to show all the records and to be able to create new records in the portals.
  3. In the attached file I cannot add new records in the portals: I get the error that the fields are not modifiable. I use the field Match as the match fields. This is a calculation field set to 1 so the portal displays all the related records. Why is this happening? Banks.fmp12
  4. john9210

    Layout list

    Yes I do, but the DDR only gives a Layout Hierarchy without the associated tables. I know I can use a database function to create a list of layouts, but I can'f find a function that would list the associated tables. I was hoping there would be a way.
  5. john9210

    Layout list

    I'm using FM 15. How can I create a list of layouts and source tables?
  6. john9210

    Tuesdays in a year

    Thanks, works great. However, I can I save the number of weeks as a global variable to use in another calculation.
  7. I'm looking for a calculation that determines the number of tuesdays in a year.
  8. john9210

    Difference between two records with Self Join

    Great solution Tom! Very simple and easy to use. Many thanks for your help.
  9. john9210

    Difference between two records with Self Join

    I'm not sure what you mean about "link". In one file the records must be sorted ascending by date, and in the other descending by date. Strange.
  10. john9210

    Difference between two records with Self Join

    It was included in a message on this site. Sorry, but I don't remember which one. Something to do with getting the difference between two records. I'm including a copy with this response. Difference.fmp12
  11. I’m using the technique described in Difference.fmp12 to find the difference between values on one record and on a previous record. The technique uses a self-join relationship and the Last function. I use the following formulas: Total = Amt1 +Amt2 Total2 = Last(Self_difference2::Total), where Self_difference2 is the self-join TO Change = formula If(IsEmpty(Total2),””,Total -Total2) The if statement suppresses the output on the first record since there is no previous record. The technique seems to be dependent on the sort order. However, in one file I find the records must be sorted ascending and in another file the records must be sorted descending. No sort order is specified in the self-join relationships. Can anyone explain this?
  12. john9210

    Go to portal row

    How can I go to the first portal row by script? I want to get the pkRecordID of the first row record.
  13. john9210

    Manage fonts

    FMP 15 Adv. 1. Is there a way to set the default font? I like to use Tahoma. 2. Is there a way to shorten the font list in the Format/Fonts menu? You used to be able to do this easily in older versions of FMP.
  14. john9210

    Footer does not print

    The footer on all of my FMP 15 layouts does not appear in Print Preview and does not print. This is happening on all my FMP 15 solutions, not just a particular file. However, it does appear in FMP 12 solutions (I have both FMP 15 adv and FMP 12 adv on my computer). I'm using Windows 10 Home. Sample file.fmp12
  15. john9210

    Can't select alternate row state

    The "Use active row state" option is selected, the "Use alternate row state" is not. Does this mean the alternate state also has to be selected? By the way, the problem occurs on both my desktop and my laptop computers..

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