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  1. I need to use FmPerception to remove Selector-Connector from my solutions. How should I go about this?
  2. I have a container with a docx file. In it are multiple xls files. Can I use Scribe or something else to extract them to interact with them?
  3. In Scribe we can read the Excel cell's background colour. Can we 'Write' the colour to format a cell?
  4. This is the syntax: ScribeDocSaveContainer ("New FileName.pdf" ; "flatten=true"; "type=file" ) But the 'flattened' file still didn't let me get all the text out of the PDF
  5. I can't read all the text in a pdf. Do I need to flatten it first to have all the layers combined? So I tried to do flatten with ScribeDocSaveContainer ( newName {; flatten=true ; type=file } ). But I couldn't work out how to add the flatten option. After you write the file name how do you add the flatten and or type options? This doesn't work: "New FileName.pdf" ; "flatten=true"
  6. Hi it has been a year since asking this question. Any chance of this being done soon? As this is a need of my client.
  7. I have the same issue. What was the fix for this. I'm using Scribe 3.09. The file is saved from LibreOffice on a Mac. If I save it with Excel for Mac Scribe throws a Java error. All the fields with text come across ok but numbers come across as timestamps.
  8. With Scribe, we push data to a Word file as the basis of a report for our account managers to review and edit. Our problem is that the Content Tags are left behind even if the remove option has been selected on creation. Editing with these tags are painful. So we have to go to Developer mode and remove them or save as RTF and then back again. This is not appropriate. Is there something we are missing? Is there a way to remove the tags after we have finished pushing with Scribe? Thanks.
  9. As suggested in the documentation, I'm using ScribeDocSubstitute to insert an image from a container field into Word. This works. I'm inserting it in a table and it can only be 3cm wide. The image ends up coming in to big & the user has to scale it in Word to fit the cell. I can send the image resized with GetThumbnail. This works but is low res. How can I push the image to Word scaled to fit but keep the picture quality? thanks
  10. I can't work out why occasionally my client has 1000 records or so deleted. The spokes only need to update records. Never add or delete records on the hub. Without a redeployment of the spoke file can I make a setting change in the FileMaker Hub MirrorSync scripts or on the MirrorSync Server to stop any deletions?
  11. We blew this machine away and deployed a new server. We are not having these issues.
  12. Since going from version 2 to 3 of MirrorSync last year we have constantly had MirrorSync crashing the Web Publishing Engine. Sometimes it says "Error from server: FileMaker XML WPE Web Publishing Engine is not running at <the hosted IP>. Ensure that the WPE is working correctly, and then try this operation again." But usually it is an Error 10 error. "Error 10 while connecting to http://<the hosted IP>/sync?ping=1&config..." Early on we made the documented suggested changes for this error, to the connectionTimeout Property in the IIS Manager application. With no noticeable effect. Most of the time MirrorSync works as expected and does a great job and then clients can't sync and all hell breaks loose. Do you have any other suggestions for what might be causing this issue?
  13. This doesn't help get the file name. How do you suggest getting the folder path with the filename?
  14. Can you have multiple sync options (scripts) on the spoke? ie could I have one that syncs photos when back in the office with wi-fi and another that syncs text throughout the day while on the road? Could we also specifically just sync (fetch) one field on one record? eg just a photo when required I could think of a dozen scripts that could save network traffic and enhance user experience
  15. Say a rep on average syncs only 5 jobs to do each day. and there is an ever growing number of old Jobs. (currently 10,000 records) When a new user downloads a fresh file, is the initial sync quicker if the new file starts with no Job records in the sync file or with all the current records?
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